• Let me start off by saying I absolutely love the Creepypasta Wiki. The people on here have helped me grow as a writer (I had a few stories deleted before I got the hang of it), and I genuinely enjoy the content others post on here. The community is like nothing else on the internet; it almost feels like a small town in the sense that everyone knows each other or at least has seen each other's names before.

    However, recently, I've been getting a lot of non-horror ideas to write about, and I feel myself getting less and less interested in my horror ideas. While I won't abandon this wiki, I was still wondering if there were any non-genre specific websites that have a similar sense of community and comfort that this one does. 

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    • The only idea I know of is Story Writing Wiki. However if thats not to your liking ask the admins.

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    • Unfortunately, no I have not encountered a community quite like creepypasta wiki anywhere else for non-horror. I can't say why. Prior to the wikia I was present (kind of) on, and have also messed about a bit on scriggler. Both are high traffic websites but both also suffer from similar problems; a publication site that caters only to writers is full only of writers. No one actually fucking reads the stories. I'm not saying they're bad, just that in my experience it can feel like screaming a phone number into a football stadium of other people screaming their own phone numbers.

      Peeeersonally I have considered creating somewhere (perhaps a tumblr, maybe even another wikia) for people from this community to write non-horror stories. Basically a writer's workshop for non-horror stories; I don't know. Like I said it's an idea that's been bubbling away in the sticky stove that is my mind. Nonetheless; try - I found it pleasant enough when I was younger and looking at it now it remains very active.

      Edit: it appears I was duped by an advertising bot into thinking this thread was active!! Damn you adverts!

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