• Final Update: There you have it folks, the winners of the 2016 costume contest. The winner of the Judge's Pick is ArinieKat as Drowned Victim of the 1864 Sheffield Flood and the People's Choice award goes to Dr. Frank N. Furter as Dr. Pen E. Flirter. Thank you everyone who participated. Here is a page dedicated to all those who participated.

    Update: Voting is now open for People's Costume Choice and will close on Saturday Nov. 5th, 2016. Costumes can be viewed by going to the entrants section and clicking the links or scrolling down the thread. The judges will convene soon to announce the Judge's Pick by Sunday, Nov. 6th. Best of luck to everyone involved.

    People's Choice for the 2016 Halloween Costume Contest

    The poll was created at 02:38 on November 1, 2016, and so far 27 people voted.

    Judge's Nominations

    Diexilius votes for Dr. Frank N. Furter as Dr. Pen E. Flirter.

    EmpyrealInvective votes for Dr. Frank N. Furter as Dr. Pen E. Flirter.

    FrenchTouch votes for ArinieKat as Drowned Victim of the 1864 Sheffield Flood.

    Jay ten votes for ArinieKat as Drowned Victim of the 1864 Sheffield Flood.

    JohnathanNash votes for ArinieKat as Drowned Victim of the 1864 Sheffield Flood.

    Result: The winner for Judge's Pick is ArinieKat as Drowned Victim of the 1864 Sheffield Flood. Congratulations. This board will stay open and I hope that other users will take a look at the costumes and make their own decisions.

    A Halloween Costume Contest?

    Remember the Halloween Costume Contest we’ve had for the past few years? Yeah, we’re doing that again. I’ll do my damnedest to be active enough to host this contest, but I will need help. After talking with the admins and getting their approval, we’ve decided to start a little project for October to allow some of the more creative and artistic users to submit their costumes/cosplays from their favorite horror/sci-fi movies, literature, t.v. shows. At the end of submissions, judges will vote (and a community vote will be had) and winners will be selected. The winners/participants will be added to a page and if the entry is spooky enough, it may even find its way onto the Nightmare Fuel gallery.


    Let’s start with the rules first:

    1. Submissions must be your own. No looking up photos that you didn’t make and submitting them. One user was banned last year for trying to steal someone else’s work. This is supposed to be fun and games, don’t try to spoil it for everyone else by trying to cheat.
    2. No store-bought costumes, you can buy items and make-up to accentuate your design; just not a store-bought costume that requires zero effort.
    3. No sabotaging or removing other people’s submissions from the submission page. (That one should be fairly obvious.)
    4. Entries must be ToU-safe/work-safe. This is a bit of a no-brainer. No nudity (I’m looking at you Jay… I’m always looking at you. Glances at my desktop picture of Princess Pete which I have in a ‘special folder’.) or anything overtly offensive.
    5. You can dress up as anything you want, but I would warn against just dressing up as a well-known creepypasta character as that really isn’t original and you’re more likely to see other people using your idea. Creativity is key here. Look at the winners from the 2014 and 2015 for a prime example of this.

    Contest Scheduling

    Here are the time constraints. We will start accepting submissions October 16th, 2016 and we will close submissions at 11:59 (UTC) October 31st, 2016. Depending on how many submissions we have, the judges could be done in a few days or a week.

    How to enter contest submissions

    Rather than make a second page for entries, we will be using this forum post as a means for submitting your entries. The period for submissions will begin Oct. 16th and will close Oct. 31st. Note that any submissions before or after those dates will be removed and disqualified.

    To enter:

    • Simply attach one to three photos of your costume in a comment below. (Do not add more than three photos as it will clutter up up the page.)
    • List the costume character/give a brief explanation if it is original. Be creative.
    • You can comment on other people's costumes, but do not put your costume picture in a reply on another user's post. Each submission should be separate from other users so as to easily identify (and if need be, remove submissions that violate the rules set above)


    Onto the judges: I’m looking for volunteers and nominations here. I’m looking for three or four other judges (hopefully an admin to help monitor the page) whose jobs will be simple. All they need to do is cast their votes at the end so we can tally up a winner. (One will be Judge’s Pick and the other will be People’s Choice.)

    Judges can submit their own costume but they will be invalidated from winning the Judge’s Pick (to be impartial). Feel free to post below your thoughts on this or if you have some unanswered questions. Best of luck to you all. I hope to see what you guys and gals come up with.

    List of Judges (Judge selection is now complete)




    Jay ten


    Entrants (chronological order)

    Raidra as Michael Jackson.

    EmpyrealInvective as A Clockwork Orange Droog.

    Ricki the vampire as a vampire.

    Dr. Frank N. Furter as Dr. Pen E. Flirter.

    Derpyspaghetti as Pumpkin Love Child.

    ArinieKat as Drowned Victim of the 1864 Sheffield Flood.

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