• So Channel Zero's third season is call Butcher's Block. Does anyone know which Creepypasta the third season is based off of?

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    • Kerry Hammond’s creepypasta "Search and Rescue Woods.”

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    • tbh im a bit wary.

      "Butchers" weren't in search and rescue woods, unless I just misinterpretted something that was supposed to evoke them or something (?) and the teaser has a ton of interesting imagery that is neither in the style of the original story nor has anything to do with the original story. 

      Candle Cove and No-End House were a bit different from the source material I guess but were still scary for at least the same reasons I think...Butchers Block seems to just be like a plate of original nonsense haha

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    • Awesomeminer900 wrote:

      What do you think so far? Liking it?

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    • The show is perfectly enjoyable if you see it as an original story inspired by an existing pasta, rather than as a true adaptation of pasta-to-show. If you’re looking for a true-to-pasta adaptation, that’s where the show is going to fall short for you.

      That aside, it’s well done, well told, well acted, and the atmosphere is set up nicely to really get the most out of potential tension and legitimate squeamish discomfort without getting gory (so far).

      So, again, if you judge it for what it is rather than hating it for what it didn’t actually try to be (a true-to-pasta adaptation), it’s a good show worth watching.

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    • Wasn't season 2 a true-to-adaption?

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    • The short answer is "no".

      The original story is about a guy who goes into NoEnd House based on an email he received from a former friend.  The story follows him through each of the rooms, focusing on the ways in which each room is disturbing or beyond comprehension -- a cheap K-Mart-style Halloween display transitions to inexplicable feelings of dread; a blank room with a chair, a lamp, and too many shadows; a room of unnatural darkness and silence; a room in which an entire forest seems to grow with unseen bugs crawling on and biting the mc the deeper he goes; a room in which the door has disappeared, inhabited by a little girl who is somehow simultaneously a towering demonic monster; a room that was the entire outside world, complete with his own house; and a few more for good measure. 

      It's an atmosphere piece.  The entire story is, at its core "I got an email from an old friend and went to NoEnd House.  Each room was worse than the last, and to this day I have never walked back out."  It is not a complicated piece with any subplot, or additional action.  Its sole focus is the increasingly upsetting nature of each room, and that, in the end, there is no end.

      The show takes a broader look at this idea and seems to ask questions like "What if this is just one account of many?", "What mechanics could lead to experiences like those in this account?", and "What about the entities encountered? What makes them function, and how is that worse than simply encountering them?"

      Without giving spoilers to the plot of the season, the show uses the framework of NoEnd House to inform a completely independent narrative about characters with completely different experiences to those of the original character in the creepypasta text.

      And that seems to be how SyFy is going to continue rocking it.

      The author of "Search and Rescue Woods" worked with Channel Zero's producer and head writer, Nick Androsca, to make the adaptation to "Butcher's Block", and he's stated that this is not a true-to-text adaptation.

      In a Reddit announcement, he said "I would like to stress that this is NOT a direct copy of the series, and is its own story.  However, I am 100% confident that you guys are going to love it!"

      So, three for three, they're doing stories inspired by the original pastas, but which are entirely new narratives, and not intended to be true-to-text adaptations.

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    • I thought this was going to be more "Missing 411". But from the trailers its more search and rescue plus murder porn. If this becomes a murder porn I'm going to drop the season as a dud. CZ has been good Smart Horror so far, no murder porn, a story instead of sex and jumpscares and the director has an outstanding ability to handle suspension and building a scene specifically to destabilize the audience's sense of safety.  It's immersive on an outstanding level and is exactly what I look for in Pasta. I'm praying they don't Butcher their chance to create a work of art here and just cater to what the casual slasher fan considers as horror. SO far they've kept it very balanced and I can only pray they continue they trend. 

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    • I didn't catch the second season. Was it any good?

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    • It was dramatically different from the original story.  The rooms people experienced, and how they found the place were very, very different, and where the original story ended, the show really elaborated on.

      I thought it was well done -- creepy and suspensful -- and had an actor whose work I really enjoy, and he definitely did not disappoint.

      Overall I'd say it was well worth the watch, if you haven't seen it by now.

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    • If you think No-End House was dramatically different from the original story

      HOO BOY!

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    • I liked the second season better than the first one.

      I found the first one to be very, VERY slow paced. Even though they have the same ammount of episodes (6) and the same duration (about 45 minutes), the first one seemed to take forever. The second one i finished in one day and seemed to be shorter. Way more action and creepier. 

          • LITTLE SPOILER ALERT ***

      The scene from the trailer, where the girl (i forgot her name) was running in the middle of the street towards the entering of the house and got outrunned by a guy who bangs her head against the grass seems to be cutted out of the show. I was waiting for this scene. 

          • END OF THE SPOILER ***

      Either way it was a good season. Better than the first one. 

      About the third one, i don't know if i will watch it. Doesn't look like the original creepypasta AT ALL. And didn't catch my attention either. 

      And thanks to "Death by Proxy" for all the informations 

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