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    DISCLAIMER: The depiction of demons is not accurate in this story and they do not present themselves in the ways portrayed in this story. It is my own work of fiction, so do not call me out on this in the comments, because I already know it is inaccurate. All characters are real (depending on your faith, the demons may not be real or helpful, but they are real and allies to humans faithful to them as I see it), and this is a personal “fantasy” of mine.  This is my first story on this site, so excuse any poor phrasing or lengthy paragraphs. Thank you for reading and enjoy.

    The day I found the amulet- no, the day this amulet came to me. It was the day that changed my life. My name is Alanna Young and I am 17 years old. One day, I was at my father’s house, going through various boxes from his days of black magic with a buddy of his. All there was to me is dusty old artifacts, candles, among various other strange things. I had always been interested in the occult, though I had to keep it secret. My dad and his friend went downstairs from the attic to take a break and get a drink. I stayed up here, planning to steal a few of the things I needed. Then I noticed that one of the boxes began to rumble ever so softly, just barely audible. So, I walked over to the box and opened it. There were many knickknacks that were fairly dusty (of course). I briefly looked through the objects before turning my back to check another box. But the moment I turned my back, I heard the rumbling again, louder this time. I kept walking, thinking that it was just my imagination. But that thought was quickly dismissed when the box shook violently and fell over, with the contents spilling out. I quickly turned to look. A few glass objects were cracked or broken. Among the now dispersed pile of old things was a shiny, silver amulet with what I recognized as the sigil of Andras, a demon of destruction. I picked it up and looked at it. It wasn’t dusty as the other things were, other than some smudges from the other things rubbing against it when the box fell. I wiped off and inspected the amulet, almost entranced by it.

    I heard the door to the attic open, and hid the amulet in my pocket. I could tell my dad was going to be angry with me about the fallen box, so I braced myself for the worst. But the angry lecture about caution never came It’s almost as if he never saw it. I turned back to the box, only to see that everything was back as the way it was, even though some things were still broken. I felt in my pocket, feeling the amulet strangely still there.

    After we finished up in the attic, I secluded myself in my room and pulled out the amulet, inspecting it further, and grazing my finger over the raised lines that make up the sigil. I felt the amulet vibrate softly, then more violently, causing me to drop the amulet on the floor. The amulet emitted a large amount of black smoke, spinning rather quickly, as if it were a cyclone or other sort of vortex. A hand emerged from the amulet, then what looked like an owl’s head, then the rest of the body. I run to the door and lock it. The smoke stopped, and I could then see the demon who I assumed to be Andras more clearly. He did not speak, but he looked at me. I assume he wanted me to ask something or introduce myself. So, I asked an obvious question,

    “Who are you?”

    He replied with, “I am Andras.”

    “Why have you presented yourself to me?”

    “I sensed your anger and hatred towards certain other humans. Since you have dedicated your soul to our True Creator, I have been sent to help you with your revenge upon the people who have caused you pain. But this favor is for a price. I need payment before I provide you with assistance. You must destroy all Christian religious symbols in this house and anything blessed by the wretched ‘Holy One’. This will prove your loyalty and dedication to Satan. In return, I will transfer a portion of my power to you and act as your personal guardian.”

    I bowed before him and spoke, “Of course, I give you my word that I will grant you this favor. I will complete this task, in exchange for a helpful favor granted by you, and granted by Father Satan.” I kept my eyes closed for a bit, then saw a flash of light. When I opened my eyes, my room looked the same as it always did, aside from the amulet on the floor and a few large feathers. I picked up the amulet and placed it around my neck, with the sigil feeling warmer than metal in a cool house should. I tucked the amulet under my shirt and continued with my day.

    Once everyone was sound asleep (along with my grandparents, because my dad lives with his parents), I snuck into the kitchen to grab a box of matches, and went into the garage to get some lighter fluid. I collected all the wooden and glass crosses in the house and went into the woods to destroy them. I knew a place by a pond where I could burn and destroy them to fulfill my promise to Andras. I threw the glass crosses in an old plastic bag that I found by the pond and stepped on the until they were completely shattered. I put the wooden ones into the same bag and set it on fire. I stayed by it until it burned out, then went back to my house. When I went into my room, I took off the amulet and placed it on the same spot on the floor where he first presented himself to me. I locked the door and he appeared before me again. “I have completed your task, Andras.” I bowed and looked up, seeing him grin. “Excellent, my child. But I will give you my power when the time is right. Until then, be patient, wear my amulet and I will act as your guardian and watch over you.”

    “I give you many thanks and many graces, Andras. I will be forever grateful and forever in your debt, for your favor is worth more than the simple task you have instructed me to do in return.”

    He places his hands on my shoulders and a warm, fiery feeling flowed throughout me. I felt as if I was wrapped in several soft blankets in front of a fireplace. This feeling was comforting, and I couldn’t help but to smile. Soon, the feeling faded, and my room was the same once more, with the silver amulet as it was. I put it on and went to sleep.

    After the Xmas break, it was time to return to school. Things were going fine for a while, then the name-calling and bullying started again. “Devil worshipper” was my nickname given to me by the other girls. In a few instances throughout the year, I excused myself from class to go lock myself in a bathroom stall to cry and calm myself down. On the very last day of the school year, the same girls who have bullied me all year circled me and backed me into a wall behind the band room, where no one would see what happen. They threatened to beat me, and then, I felt the same warm feeling I felt months ago when I finished my task to Andras. I held onto my amulet through my shirt and felt extremely energized. The girls were clearly confused as to what I was doing. The amulet rose out of my shirt, showing the sigil to the girls. My body felt lighter and I could no longer feel the concrete beneath my feet. I closed my eyes as I levitated off the ground and heard running, and I assumed the girls ran away. I opened my eyes and saw them in the distance, still running. I wasn’t satisfied. I flew speedily towards them and felt a hot feeling in my hands, assuming that there was something I could do with them. I pointed my hands toward them in a pushing motion. I was surprised to see fire being expelled from my hands. I smiled and chased the girls, shooting fire at them, and taking pleasure in their screams. I found everyone else who ever bullied me or hurt me in any way. I thanked Andras for his favor and continued with my revenge.

    For the rest of my life until this point, I have contacted Andras various times and he has helped me with my problems, offering guidance and advice in hard times. I still have the amulet to this day, and the power he bestowed upon me, but I use it only when necessary. I almost regret my rampage back as a Junior, but I am still grateful for the opportunity. I use my power wisely, and hide it well from the others. With great power comes great responsibility.

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