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    Hi, I'm currently rewriting one of my stories that I wrote a little over four years ago- adding more character depth, detail, and subplot. Personally, I feel like it's really standing out as a story so far, but the second part contains subject matter that may be sensitive or triggering to some viewers. It's divided into 2 parts, and in the first part, the main character gradually goes insane, wheras in the second part, the main character, in order to avoid boring readers by providing the same character arc again, becomes increasingly depressed and begins cutting and talking about suicide. He also deals with finding his friend's hanging corpse, right after his other friend died during a car crash and while his parents are getting a divorce.

    With all of this put together, especially it being about a teenager who starts cutting and wanting to kill himself, I'm not sure what the stance would be as far as posting this. Especially due to the primary audience, which would be teenagers who probably deal with depression themselves (I used to be one of them). WOuld something of this nature require a trigger warning/NSFW tag? Or should it be fine to leave it as it is when posting?

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    • NSFW, maybe. It all depends on how the story develops and to what extremes it might go. Usually, pastas that contain graphic sex and extreme gore, are flagged as NSFW, to warn people about their contents.

      Trigger warning is preposterous. I think I have seen at least 3-4 thousand pastas on this wiki, and none of them had trigger warning. Or anything trigger worthy, for that matter.

      Murder, rape, graphic dismemberment and disembowelment, suicide, genocide, werewolf porn, cannibalism, occult worshiping: all those things and more are found on this wiki in abundance, and I've never heard of anyone being triggered by them. Of course, some people didn't have guts for them, but statistically, that is to be expected.

      However, if someone complains that they were triggered on a page that looks like the world's biggest gun shop (for that matter) they really have no business here. If they decide to rant... well, we sysops are always happy to screenshoot them and make them a public laughing stock.

      In conclusion of my tirade: NSFW, maybe. Trigger warning, no.

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    • Trigger warnings on this site is pretty redundant due the wiki's nature to host horror stories. Besides, we have the NSFW tag for more graphic stories. Anything beyond that will probably violate the ToU, and will be promptly deleted.

      It is kind of assumed that you read stories on this site at your own risk.

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    • Thanks for the input! I'll probably be uploading it within the next few days, so I guess an admin could just let me know then if I need to mark it NSFW.

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    • Look forward to reading it. I somewhat enjoy serious and dark topics

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