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    Ep. 59 - "Shadow Out Of Crime" - Act 1

    Midnight Marinara and I collaborated on an original radio play set in the Bishop & Holiday universe. Orphan Gabe Hemingway goes on his first supernatural adventure with modern wizard Henry Holiday and afterlife attorney Edna Bishop, hunting some strange smugglers in San Diego. Features goblins, Egyptian gods, and a priestess in a fox onesie.

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    • Wow, I absolutely loved this. The jokes are funny and the premise is different yet interesting; there's a lot to enjoy in this story. Great voice actors too by the way. I cannot wait for the next piece!

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    • I absolutely love Angi Viper for her performance as Hathor. We're trying to get her to play the story's villain in part 2, and I can't wait to hear how she handles it. I also have to say Michael and Hayden nailed the characters of Dr. Holiday and Edna, and I also love Michael's Dr. Hack stuff in the host segments.

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