• I made a pasta that took me five hours to write. It has a brief mention of Slender in it. May I please post it? Slender isn’t important to the story and it isn’t about him, but he’s mentioned brieflyeven though it has this mention and the mention is kinda important to the plot?

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    • No. There is a filter that will get rid of the pasta if it is posted, as things with such cringey characters are auto blackmarked. I suggest changing the wording and taking him out, as you have already said he's not important to the story, therefore, there isn't really a need to mention him it in that can't be worked around.  

      I also suggest posting on the writer's workshop before posting it to correct errors, as a story that only took 5 hours to write will no doubt, have some. 

      For the record, such cringey things are the "Popular creepy pasta characters", and things like sonic, pokemon, video games of all sorts, casual monsters, etc, of that nature. 

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