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    15:05, October 3, 2018

    I'm really not too eager to do this. But the rules are the rules, and I can't change them.

    One of our oldest and best known admins, Sloshedtrain, hasn't made a single significant edit since 16th of April (or even further if deletions aren't considered), which is a violation of the Inactivity Policy.

    Now, you all may be wondering why I am making this a public demotion thread instead of merely consulting my fellow sysops. This is because bureaucrats cannot be demoted by admin or other bureaucrats; Fandom staff must do this. On our end, we must provide community consensus for the removal of such rights. This thread will serve to do so.

    What we need is active admin and bureaucrats, and removing inactive ones allows other admin or new users to step up to the plate and help, which makes everyone's jobs a bit easier.

    TL;DR: We have a policy for revocation of rights due to inactivity and Fandom has a policy requiring community consensus to demote inactive bureaucrats.

    Please assist us in this matter by showing your support for this.

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    • You have my support.

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    • I support the decision of removing myself as admin, which I went ahead and did anyway. I had a good run, but ultimately life got me the balls and I can't contribute to the wiki in any significant way anymore. After all, I was the one that originally wrote up the inactivity guidelines anyway, so I at least I have to follow my rules.

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    • Both of you have my respect and support in this time of transition.

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