• Hello, Admins!

    Just a concerned writer who's encountered a problem recently. Finally finished on of my "Horrors of the Battlefield" submissions called The Game (based on the most intense part of the story where common playing cards are involved) but it's refusing to allow me to publish under claims of using blacklisted topics.

    I understand this measure, god knows any self-respecting writer is long-tired of Jeff the Killer and Pokepastas, but my story is a World War 1 themed experience.

    Can I get some help on this matter? I just don't know where else to go

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    • Hey, I don't know if you're continuing to experience issues but chances are it's the name. Try submitting under a different title and then message either me or another admin and we can change it to what you want. 

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    • Hi there, looking at the abuse filter logs, it looks like you're being caught by the content blacklist, not the title blacklist. Try going to the spinoff rules and looking for the section on the abuse filter. Use "ctrl+f" to search through your work for the words which the content blacklist identifies. I'd do this for you but unfortunately I can't access the story. If you can't find it I'll be able to take a look in a couple of hours. Best of luck!

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    • Thanks guys! I'll try again shortly.

      I looked under the spinoff rules and as best as I could tell it definitely wasn't the title. If it doesn't work again I'll put a pastebin of the story here, it's fairly short.

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    • Success! I bet that it was just one word: supersonic, which in this case was being used to apply to the velocity of artillery shells, but I just replaced it with "a lot faster than sound" which made it a bit more colloquial anyway, which works since it's depicted as a first person story.

      Thanks for the help, I'll try to keep a sharper eye on this in the future.

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