• I cannot remember specific names or details, but I can summarize what it's about. There is this older woman who lives alone. She is mean and abusive but somehow manages to have this guy who takes puts up with and takes care of her. One night, over dinner, the woman refects over her daughter. Who was a tomboy? The woman would abuse the child, and force her to wear and do girly things until the child eventually ran away.

    In the end, I believe the man poisoned her dinner? Either way. He kills her and reviles that "you never had a daughter. You had a son" revealing he was that child.

    I read it a year or two ago and really want to give it another look. Does anyone know what its called?

    Ps, I am sorry if this posted twice, I was notified of an error when first tried to post.

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    • I cannot help you in this regard. You may perhaps try to find this pasta, but I doubt anyone else can find it for you. If you are set on finding it, good luck, but know this: finding something obscure on the Internet is a dark and thankless task.

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