• So I was going through some of my first stories from last year, and I realized how poor quality they were (imo). So I decided to update them, which includes:

    • Un-blocked text - I've made the paragraphs smaller, and streamlined it.
    • Alternate/extended endings - I've made some changes to the endings.
    • Less prose, more feels - As opposed to parts of the stories that were more prose-heavy, I've eliminated large chunks of exposition and updated/replaced them with more experiential scenes from the characters' perspectives.

    Again, this is just a start. I feel I've a long way to go before I have any chance of actually making a living off of my writing (as I'm sure some of you here already have) or making it "big-league". Anyway, here's the first of my augmented tales.

    Analog: Extended Cut

    As you well know you can use the 'History' function to compare and contrast.

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