• I understand that the administrators have better things to do than monitor the incoming comments, but I think something has to be done about the amount of trash that is being posted in the comment section of articles.

    In my opinion the comment section should be for actual comments, questions, reviews, opinions, and maybe a small joke. A lot of comment sections are full of spam, people posting something unnecessary, people writing something pointless in capslocks ("DIS IS SCARY!!!!") and/or adding purposely misspelled words for the sake of satire, unknown authors begging people to read their stories, and comments that make the stories or characters look ridiculous ("Slender man just wants a hug!").

    While the comment sections don't really matter, I think something still needs to be done about all the spam.

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    • I'm leaning towards oppose. We already have a pretty extensive set of commenting rules, and I feel like tightening down and making more rules would end up coming off as gate-keeping ("You can't try to make an obvious joke like: 'Slender man just wants a hug!' This is a serious wiki dedicated to spooky things."). Additionally your mention of commenters being able to make a small joke seems to be at odds with the joke comment copied below so that feels like it'd open up a can of worms about what qualifies as a joking comment and what's a post that is seen as an 'attempt to make characters look ridiculous' and worthy of a warning/ban/deletion.

      That being said, we'll try to keep an eye on the comment sections of stories, but we'll also need users to let admins know when something is being posted that is in violation of these rules as there are times when things slip through the cracks.

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    • I understand where you're coming from, since the comments' section can sometimes devolve, but I don't think we need to add more rules in. We already have rules dealing with the most basic cases of spam and I don't want to be more restrictive.

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    • Oppose Oppose -

      I think all comments that aren't outright spam, abuse, or off-topic discussions should be allowed. We would only drive away users by restricting the opinions they can have on our stories. This isn't a dictatorship; our users should be allowed as much freedom in the comments sections as they can.

      As an author on this wiki, I'd rather an in-depth comment than one that's not. However, I'd also rather a short comment with not much to add than nothing at all. I'd prefer to log on to see somebody commenting 'good story 7/10' or even 'hmm not scary 1/5' than nothing at all. I feel other users would have a similar opinion. I want to hear, read and see EVERYBODY'S opinion.

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    • I have to oppose as well.

      You have a big investment in a creepypasta. You WILL follow the rules, or you know it will be gone.

      You have almost zero investment in a comment. If someone removes it, you don't care.

      This would be just one more losing war for the already thinly stretched Admins to fight.

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    • Oppose: Slenderman just wants a hug!

      But seriously, my opinions on this have already been voiced above.

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