• No Time Creepy,

    Will you be running a series of New Years pastas?

    What other holidays are celebrated with Pasta? A list might include

    • Valentine's Day
    • Easter
    • May Day
    • Memorial Day
    • USA Independence Day 04-July
    • Labor Day
    • Guy Fawkes Day 05-November

    Does anyone want to add any more? I can think of some regional USA holidays and non-Christian holidays.

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    • No holiday should be excluded in my book. 😁 there's always horror going on in any holiday. I have a story I'm working on for New Years Eve right now.


      February 14 Valentine's Day, If you want to write me a story for that that would be awesome. Thats over 2 months to work on it so take your time.

      O and if anyone is interested in writing a story for me for February 19th Washington's Birthday that would be awesome to.

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    • Here's an Independence Day one I wrote:

      Siren Fireworks

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    • HopelessNightOwl wrote: Here's an Independence Day one I wrote:

      Siren Fireworks

      Nice, for the 4th I'll definitely use it.

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