• I have been watching quite a bit of Tales from the Crypt lately and have been liestening to some of the old EC comics being read too. I must say, i like the overall arch of bad people getting commupence, sometimes supernatural. This has lead me to wanting to write Tales from the Crypt-like stories on this site. Would those type of stories be allowed on the site and how would you make them interesting for people to read?

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    • <---- read that. Should help to answer your question.

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    • Alright, thanks for the response. Don't worry, i won't make my stories spin-pastas based off of Tales from the Crypt. I will just make them horror-themed moralitiy plays.

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    • Give these a click if you're not familiar.

      I also highly recommend the Writer's Workshop. It's a great place for getting feedback and avoiding your stories getting deleted. As far as writing stories reminiscent of "Tales from the Crypt", I say go for it. You might want to check out some of Gomez Capulet's stories on the "User's Stories" page.

      "Stories by the Author's on this Wiki" can be found under the "Community" heading. Gomez is a big fan of "Tales...", so you might find some of his stuff to be of interest. I highly recommend Twisted Metal Love.

      Someone even told me once that one of my stories made them think of "Tales...", but no, I am not trying to plug my own stuff. Besides, that remark was more for my story's campy style. :b

      I hope some of this helps and good luck in your writing endeavors.

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    • A morality story can be written and make site acceptable creepypasta. Check out my story The Queen Of Sheba. That story is completely original and doesn't reference anybody's copyrighted material. It does use an authentic legend. If you want a futuristic "Outer Limits" back stab, cork screw and double dealing type of story of mine, try The Vaults of Eternal Bliss.

      It's not the only story I have seen on the site that I would say fits the genre of morality tale. See Shadows on the Ice by Banned In CP, for example. Again, there is no reference to anything else.

      The more stories I think of, the more come to mind. Filthy Pig by Jdeschene. La Bruja by Killahawke1.

      If you want a framing character who throws down the divine lightning bolts to zap the evil ones, you must invent your own or pick one that it is so old it is not under any copyright. (Before 1900 is safe, so you could use The Ghost of Christmas Future, for example.)

      One piece of advice: Post your stories to the Writer's Workshop in the forum before going on the main Wiki.

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