• While bored one day, I browsed Netflix to find a show to watch. Being a big fan of the horror genre, I got curious when I saw a title called "Hellevator". I watched the first episode.              

    Now you may have come across this show before. It is a game show style horror show where contestants can win money.  It starts with a ghost story, and the contestants go into the "hellevator"-- an elevator that goes to different levels, each level being a haunted theme. Each contestant has to get off on a level and complete a mission related to the horror story. Actors are hired and everything-- it's like a haunted house. There is a time limit for each mission. If the mission is completed, that person wins money; if not, then no money is won.              

    In the first episode, eveyone completed their missions in time. It was very interesting, so I started a second episode. In that episode, one person did not complete their mission. I felt bad because that meant they could not compete in the bonus level. At the end of the episode, the winning contestants talked about how scary and fun it was, blah blah blah.              

    It became one of my favorite shows, but something about it made me feel uneasy. I dismissed it as it being a horror show-- it was supposed to scare people!             

    After each episode there was a dramatic shriek as the screen went black. That was what bothered me the most. I tried reassuring myself that it was just sound effects, but the horror of that scream sounded so real. And that's when I realized the problem....

          The people who didn't complete their missions never came back.              

    I never watched that show again and moved on to better things, such as Riverdale.                    

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    • The story is short and lacking in horror content, save for that one line about the failing contenders never coming back. On top of that, if this is a pasta about the actual Hellevator game show, that would make this a lost episode pasta/fanfic and both have been blacklisted from this site for some time.

      The "blah blah blah." part and the line about moving on to Riverdale makes this come off as a trollpasta.

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    • Abigail's Corner,

      Everything that Ned Wolfkin said is spot on true. There are rules on Rules Section Spinoffs. Please read from the top through Subsection 1.

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    • There isn't much going on in this story, how about actually describing the levels? Make them appear as haunted locations as possible while reassuring the readers that's just a game show. 

      Also, Ned's right about the "blah blah blah" part and the last sentence, it makes it appear less serious than I assume you'd like it to be percieved as. 

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    • Bloody Spaghetti,

      Absolutely correct. Being ON the show and wondering what happened to everyone would be a heck of a lot more frightening than watching it on TV and then changing the channel. Especially where you are on the taping of the premiere episode of Season 3, where the Soska Sisters announce that they will up the ante on both the risks and rewards. $1,000,000 if you can complete the tasks assigned to your team - oblivion if you don't.

      Of course you would have to change the name and enough of the details so you don't violate the Spinoff rules mentioned above.

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    • Even though I've already gave an opinion, I'm going to go into more detail as I feel that my initial comment was slightly lacking.

      First off, as Dr. Bob said, read the spinoffs rule page. Your first story was a haunted game pasta, and this one is a lost episode pasta.

      The story itself is done in a rushed style which (as Bob and Bloody have pointed out) lacks detail about what scary things actually happen in the show. We are given a short summary of the show itself and that is it. We pretty much have your narrator going "Yeah, I watched this scary game show. I found out the failing constestants never came back. It was scary. Then I watched something else."

      You had the opportunity to describe the horrific challenges which could have given this story some much needed horror, but instead just simply told us that the show is horror themed and left it at that.

      Like I said the only thing remotely creepy about this story is the line about the failing contestants never coming back. You never explain how the main character finds this out or why. Did for some reason they look them up? If people are actually being killed then why would this show even be allowed to exist in the first place? The story lacks actual resolve.

      On top of that the narrator does not seem to care about the failing contestants dying. They literally just jump to another show.

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