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    16:23, January 10, 2019

    It's just gross when people ship siblings

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    • Why its "gross"?

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    • LastSonOfGorea wrote:
      Why its "gross"?

      Is this a serious question?

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    • Yeah?

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    • First off, it is just... eww!

      Second, inbreeding can cause serious birth defects and life-long illnesses. The longer the lineage of inbreeding, the more messed up a person is going to be, assuming they survive infancy.

      Besides, who in their right mind would want to keep it in their family? That ruins the fun of finding a life partner and dating them. And besides, that's just yucky!

      On top of all that, it is illegal in most places (thankfully).

      As for Creepypasta ships, they are like other ships, it is always best to ignore them.

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    • If a brother loves his sister in a "special" way is none of your business.

      If they both okay with that, its okay with me.

      Btw dating doesent mean having sex so pls, dont even start with the inbreed stuff.


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    • What you mean with "Shamed" XD

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    • I might as well answer the original question and say I don't believe anything is wrong with creepypasta ships, unless it is on here (I suppose it would be spam?). It is not illegal. Its not more then fanfiction. I guess users with shipping creepypastas at one point in time and it got annoying which had an everlasting effect. But I don't know all the details.

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