• I found what might be an inconsistency on the site. However, as I am still new here I didn't want to just edit things that I have no business editing. As it is, I've already gotten into trouble for failing to understand the Category system. I am truly sorry about that.

    The inconsistency I found was here: Pasta of the Month

    On that page, it states that nominations go through the 15th of the month and users have 15 days to vote. On the Nominations page it states that nominations go through the 20th of the month and users have 10 days to vote.

    I don't think that this is an earth-shattering problem, but things don't get fixed if no one points them out. Yes?

    Take care.


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    • Good eye

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    • Well, that page is protected so you wouldn't be able to edit it in any case, but it's good that you recognize not to tamper.

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    • Think I resolved it (it's a bit early over here and I'm not fully up yet). It was a carry-over from our previous system where we did on-site voting. Thanks for keeping an eye on those things.

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    • A FANDOM user
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