• I am remaking a story of mine

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    • This is what I have so far

      It was in the early summer of 2004 when it all began. The homicidal "Cult" the police identify as The Triad started a gruesome kill count in the land of Alaska. The most recent was the house on Alpine Way in Homer. I only walked five steps inside the house and was immediately greeted by the smell.

      "Blood," I thought, the police chief gestured for me to follow him as he looked down in sorrow.

      "It's...uh...another homicide." He told me as he sighed. I followed him through the hallways and into the bedroom. Lying in the bed was a couple, the male's head was smashed with what could be presumed to be a blunt object. The female was found with her stomach wide open and her eyes missing.

      "Damn," I said out loud as I looked at the pale bodies lying in their resting place.

      Two officers were bringing in body bags, one of them asked: "Do you think it was them, The Triad." The police chief gave him a look and simply nodded.

      "Sir, we found security footage," an officer was at the door carrying a laptop. I motioned for him to give it to me. When he did when we settled down in the kitchen and observed the recording. It began with the front porch, there was nothing for at least five minutes. After waiting we saw a figure enter the screen for a split second as the whole video became static.

      When the static cleared, three silhouettes were standing in a perfectly straight line on the porch. They didn't make a single sound but stared at the house for an hour. The silhouette at the far end was holding a baseball bat, it walked towards the window and forced it open with his bare hands. The two others followed the first silhouette through the window and into the house. The inside camera recorded the silhouettes stalking down the hallway and into the room.

      Inside the room, the silhouettes surrounded the couple in the bed. The last thing we saw was the first silhouette raise the bat in air and swing before the camera suddenly turned off.

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    • Instead of posting what you have so far, wait until the whole thing is finished to post it so we can give a complete opinion of it instead of us having to come back every so often to see if you posted more.

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    • Alright, it might be a while

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    • TheBlankfacedone wrote:
      Alright, it might be a while

      That's fine.

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