• I will write as much as i remember It was very tall i kinda remember that it said one(1) step was like ten(10) feet also that it was hanged from a tree on a cliff and that it had weights or stones tied to it and i remember that it said that you could hear the joints dislocate and that there was some guy that was running some kind of experiment and that he was counting the number of cracks you could hear and/or how long you could hear them and that it was following somebody and if they turned around it would kill them or something sorry i don't remember alot but it was like four(4) or five(5) years ago i hope someone knows what I'm talking about

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    • Maybe your taking about Rake. Probably not but I was on YouTube and I saw a story where a man was walking home from work where then he heard cracking sounds behind him. He turned around and he saw an man that was about like 10 feet tall. The tall man had just been standing there in the dark and all you could see is his devilish smile. He then try’s to make a conversation and started with hello. Right then tall man started to run at him. He try’s to run as fast as he goes and he looks behind him and taking a step for the tall man was 10 feet of a step. Making the cracking sound started to give a headache. He stopped out of breath and he looks around but the tall man was no where to be seen. Maybe it’s that guy?

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