• Hello Creepypasta Wiki community,

    I (like many here) would like to record and upload some narrations of some of the stories on this wiki, and I want to make sure I go about this the right way.

    I'm familiar with how copyright works, and I've checked the information already present on this website. However, I do have one point of confusion that I would like to clear up.

    On the page Creepypasta Wiki:Licensing, it advises that "When you submit your stories to this site you agree to release it under the terms of the CC-BY-SA 3.0".

    Now, this seems pretty straight forward, but in browsing the stories collected here, I have noticed that only some of the articles explicitly have the CC-BY-SA tag.

    Are stories without this tag that are on this forum still considered to be licenced under the Creative Commons/Attribution/Share-Alike licence?

    If there is somewhere else in this forum that I should be asking this question, please let me know.

    Additionally, I would like to enquire as to you advice on best practice for using stories made by this community (beyond the objious attribution and share-alike factors outlined in the licence it's self).

    Thank you for your time, Hawkins.

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    • It's generally considered best practice to ask specific permission for any stories you want to narrate.

      The reason not all stories have the CC-BY-SA tag is this: while Fandom rules require all content on the wiki to be CC-BY-SA, that does not by default release every story under that license since we cannot guarantee that every story uploaded here by someone other than the original author is under that license.

      The author signature template that has the CC-BY-SA license explicitly cited is the template for authors to sign their own stories, since by uploading your own story here you automatically agree to release your story under that license. The reason the template for attributing someone else's story that you uploaded from somewhere else doesn't have that is the fact that while the rules require any stories uploaded to be CC-BY-SA, uploading someone else's story here doesn't automatically make it CC-BY-SA the way uploading your own story does. Thus the responsibility would lie on you, the narrator, to track down the original source of the story to make sure the original license was CC or public domain.

      If it says "Written by...Content licensed under CC-by-SA", that means the uploader is the original author and thus the story is automatically released under that license. If it says "Credited to" that means the story was migrated to this wiki by a person who is not the author, and while the story is supposed to be under that license, it might not in fact be and thus you need to check.

      But like I said, the best way to avoid all this thorniness is to just ask specific permission from authors. Also, if you intend to monetize the video, you may also want to mention that. Although the CC-BY-SA license allows you to monetize it with or without permission, it's still best to make sure the author is comfortable with it.

      If the story you want to narrate is several years old and you can't get ahold of the original author, just do a quick Google search to make sure it isn't uploaded anywhere else that would cause licensing conflicts before you upload the narration.

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    • Here are the suggestions I give every narrator.

      One, take Owl's advice about asking permission.

      Two, make sure you credit the authors and anything you used such as images, sound effects, or music.

      Three, don't get discouraged. Creepypasta narrators are too common and most get ignored in favor of more popular narrators.

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