• I've felt absolutely shattered today and yesterday, and to me, it may as well come down to writing something to express my absolute distaste. However, what I'm going to write may be rather long, and I may not be able to write it all down in one marathon-length sitting.

    Isn't there a way to save a creepypasta on the wiki without publishing it in an unfinished state? That way, I can easily work at my own pace without having to worry about my work being deleted for not being complete.

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    • I would suggest using a word document or pastebin so you don't have to write everything all at once. This will allow you to proof-read and drastically improve the overall quality of your story rather than rushing through to get the entire thing written all at once and posted.

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    • There are tons of ways to save a document without involving the Wiki at all and not having the ability to save on the computer you are working on.

      I would look into Google Office.

      You can work inside of or and save the results there. That has a second benefit of having tools to analyze your pasta for errors.

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