• Ok, first things first, I'm new to this wiki and I'm not too sure if this is the right place to put this, so if it's in the wrong place please point it out to me.

    So, I'm collaborating with a non-wiki writer who hopes that it would become like mainstream pasta. We're good friends but we don't agree on everything like normal earth humans. For one thing, using other creepypastas in our story is something I feel is a bit corny for the type of character, but the other writer wants it feverently. I'm also worried about copy right issuses with the other pasta characters such as Unwanted Houseguest and Zalgo. 

    It hasn't affected the story too much, which I'm glad about. 

    You are possibly curious about the character, so here we go:

    7ft daemon with ivory skin that is resistant to most weapons. Has no eyes as they are covered over with skin, and the mouth is basically a giant rip in the face and is filled with Anglerfish-like teeth. It can also dislocate to release a thick 15ft tongue covered in barbs that cling and tear flesh. Wears a giant wide brimmed fedora with a rip, from maybe someone with a bad aim with a gun. His black tie is in shreds on top of a white collared shirt sometimes covered in gore. A large trench coat covers his leanly muscled body and his black boots and jeans. 

    When his skin flakes off he is a normal nineteen year old boy, 5'9ft with grey-green eyes and blond-brown hair.

    Boy, he sounds like a Gary Stu.

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    • BlackMaskedHorror wrote:

      I'm also worried about copy right issuses with the other pasta characters such as Unwanted Houseguest and Zalgo.

      You did see the no spinoff rule right?

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    • Yup.

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    • BlackMaskedHorror wrote:

      Meaning if you use characters from other Creepypastas it won't be allowed on here...

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    • BlackMaskedHorror,

      Yes, that does sound suspiciously GaryStu. Teen-aged Mutant Ninja 7 foot demon who morphs into a normal teen-ager.

      I hope you have a good and original spin on it.

      Dr. Bob

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    • As for the character, I feel like the teenager-monster thing has been done too many times for this to be unique. I wish you luck though.

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    • It does sound like a Gary Stu, a teenage monster thing with an unreasonably long tongue.

      I'm kind of sure that kids as shock factor thing has been watered down to oblivion, unless, you're not suspecting the kid to be the bad guy. Or the kid does something extremely sinister and consistently plays the bad guy.

      and yeah, you've to be original with your characters and plot. 

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    • Yeah, it shall hopefully will be original.

      And I really, really will try to write it, as it would be hypocritical for me to hate poorly written pasta and then write even worse pasta.

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    • A FANDOM user
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