• IDK, I just thought about something. I feel tempted to write a trollpasta Happy Appy style that checks off every single one of the clichés. General clichés, poke pastas, lost episodes, theories, haunted games etc. It's probably going to be very long, almost as long as BEN drowned or something, and despite the fact that the creepypasta is being written in first person form from the perspective of a blogger, it should be blatantly obvious to anyone above the age of 10 that it's a fake by about the second entry.

    I want to make it a sort of horror-comedy by weaponizing the clichés and turning everything up to 11, without making it repetitive or tedious. A story where's there action, lore and very descriptive writing, and even have a chance of keeping readers engaged despite the fact they know absolutely everything that's going to happen. I read about how some people who finished reading Happy Appy liked the godforsaken awful story despite the author himself saying how much he hated it.

    Sorry, I'm a Monty Python fan. If you want, you can post your ideas or something? I want people to laugh really hard while reading it. Don't mistake it for something as unenjoyable as My Immortal though, I want this to be the 'Shaun of the Dead' of creepypastas, if that makes sense.

    3/29/19 Update- I just got told the site doesn't accept Trollpastas anymore. That's ok, I'm not posting it here. I'm just asking if anyone has ideas.

    Here's a concept that I may be writing into the story, to give as an example. The protagonist is examining a crime scene, and there are bloodied footprints leading away from the body. There is blood splattered around the footprints as they leave the scene, and only the front part of the criminal's shoes are seen in the prints- an indicator they were on their toes. Instead of concluding that the criminal ran away at a high speed, the lead detective concludes that the criminal was wearing high heels. When asked about why the footprints would be so far apart in a way that wearing highheels would be extremely difficult to manage, the detective says that the criminal put high heels on stilts and walked away like that. To explain the amount of blood splatter normally caused by running through liquid, the detective claims that the criminal shook the stilts before taking every step, making carefully sure that the blood was able to splatter a little. And everyone believes him.

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