• Hey everyone, so there is a little thing that confuse me a bit. What exactly is Slenderverse? I know for sure that Slenderverse is for most of people a bunch of Webseries and ARGs focused on Slenderman, but when I browse Deviantart looking at proxy OCs and Slender like beings such as Sulkerman, Hunterman etc I see that some people calls them Slenderverse OCs. The thing is that I heard somewhere that Creepypasta fandom stole the title "Slenderverse" and thats why they call some OCs the Slenderverse OCs. I know that there could be a Slenderverse OCs focused on a certain Webseries but I see that most of them aren't. I just want to know if there are two Slenderverses or if Creepypasta fandom in fact stole that title. Keep in mind that not every OC is called Slenderverse OC some of them are called "Slender OC", Slenderbeing OC", "Slenderman's proxy OC" etc.

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    • All of the different versions of Slender, such as Splenderman, are made by the same people who turned Ticci Toby into a waffle-loving joke.

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