• It was my brothers birthday. He had asked me if he could hold his party at my house. I did not oppose and I allowed him to invite his friends. I had a very close relationship with my brother and I was happy that I could spend more time with him, especially on his birthday.

    We would meet in person many times at his place or at a café, but not so often at my house. My house had a tiny problem. It was situated at the base of a mountain, next to a forest, and it was fairly hard to get there because of the country roads. In my opinion, the road was not that hard and unpleasant, but I did not try to convince him over something as childish.

    In the few ocasions he came to visit, he liked standing in my garden, watching the forest. My brother said that he considered it beautiful. The forest seemed normal to me, except for the fact that its trees would randomly lose their leaves and that it was incredibly quiet all the time. I personally just liked the last part about it.

    Now, back to the party. The guests started arriving and they were already complaining about the roads. I made a barbeque and we all sat down and chatted until the night fell. Then, we brought a big chocolate cake, with 30 candles on the top of it. We sang ,, Happy birthday ,, and then we went inside, as it was starting to get cold.

    The majority of us wanted to play cards, so we all sat down in a big circle. I wanted to skip the game at first, but I gave it a shot. As I expected, I was terrible at it, a complete opposite to my brother, who was winning almost every time.

    After a long hour of playing, I decided to get up and bring some snacks. On my way to the kitchen, I walked past a large window and as my reflection appeared on  the window, something moved on the other side of the glass. I tried to remain calm, as I simply walked past it.

    An hour passed, but I could still see movement in the dark of the night through various windows. Not only that, but blurry, transparent figures started appearing.  At first, they were barely even detectable and they were appearing very rarely, but they got more frequent and clearer . Figures of a tall creature were there. I could see them even when I was looking at a person. Something was always in front of them, something that made their faces look distorted.

    In a moment of rationality, I took my temperature to see if I had a fever. My temperature was normal, but I still took some medicine, just in case. After that, the things did not appear anymore, but I still invited my guests to go upstairs, where we could watch a movie. It was not the best solution, but I thought it could help me relax a bit.

    The others were quite relaxed and seemed to enjoy the party. We voted for a movie and we ended up watching, what was in my opinion, a boring movie about a love story on some tropical islands. In the middle of the movie I felt like I could not take it anymore. I turned my gaze towards the chair where my brother had sitted himself. He was facing the screen and seemed to enjoy the story, as he was slightly bent forward.

    I stretched my legs, touching something on the floor with my right foot. Instinctively, I looked down and I saw a piece of material, cut in weird shape. I picked it up without a second thought, just to throw it back again. What I had touched was wet and almost as thick as a piece of paper. It landed with an unpleasant sound, making a few guests turn around in confusion. I picked it up again, but this time with the help of my t-shirt. I took my discovery outside the room, as it was too dark to see its details. I closed the door behind me and I pressed a switch, illuminating the empty coridor.

    I looked down at the weird material and its details were finally revealed. It was a thinn piece of skin, wet from the fresh blood that covered it and now my clothing. Its exterior was hard and had hair on its surface, while its interior was very soft, making it even more disgusting.

    I threw it in my garbage bin and I returned to my seat in the dark room, trying to find a reason whatsoever for it being there. My first thoughts were simple and innocent, but soon enough, morbid and unpleasant ones found their way into my mind. While I was concentrating on my problem, the guests were watching their movie, knowing nothing.

    The silence of the room was broken when a loud sound, similar to the sound you hear when a heavy object falled from a great height, echoed inside the house. We all turned towards the direction from which the noise came. A humanoid shape was visible, but that was all I could distinguish. Before I could react, someone had switched the lights on.

    A body was on the floor, standing in a pool of blood, dirt and leaves and facing the cellar. The corpse was skinless, which made it impossible for me to recognize the person. Apart from the missing skin, the eyes were missing too, alongside with its right arm and its left leg, while the remaining ones were broken and twisted. Still, with all that gore, the most terrifying thing for me was that it was ripped clean in half, like something had come out of it.

    The view shook me and my vision became blurred for an instant. I turned my eyes to my brother, that was still sitting, still bent forward. I called out his name, while I approached him, but he remained silent. A closer look and I noticed drops of blood falling on the floor, at his left side. I made my way around the chair, to his left side. I found there an irregular hole in his arm, that showed its insides. Instead of flesh, dirt, combined with leaves was visible. I remained silent as I easily touched the dirt, expecting him to jerk his hand and to scream in pain, but he did not utter a sound. I gently pushed him, just to get his attention, but he fell on his back.

    The person was indeed him. His face and clothes confirmed it. His skin was white and cold as the snow, while his eye sockets and his mouth were given a black colour by the dirt and rotten leaves inside them. I pressed hard on his forehead and my theory was confirmed as my fingers made the skin sink and the dirt rise. What was in front of me was just his skin, stuffed with dirt and leaves.

    A monotonous sound made me turn around and watch how all the guests firmly grabbed their own heads in an unnatural way. Quickly after, they snapped their own necks, leaving me among the dead.

    I turned away from the corpses, catching a glimpse of a transparent figure that was blending in with my wall. I ran down the stairs. I rushed towards the kitchen, facing the wooden door and the wall. The first thing I did was get a cold glass of water, an irrational decision in an irrational moment. I felt the water going down my throat just when I felt the half digested cake and the meal I ate coming up. I vomited over the floor, barely able to stand on my feet.

    With shaking hands I took out my phone and I pressed on the emergency call button. I pressed 1, and I felt nauseous, but I pushed myself further. I pressed 1 again, ignoring everything that I felt. My shaking finger was ready to press 2, when two sharp objects touched my chest. The pain and the sensation of dripping blood left me frozen in place. I slightly raised my head just to see a blurred version of my kitchen inside a transparent shape. In my moment of distraction, it grabbed my phone and crashed it in its „hands” like it was thin ice. In the next moment its surface became opaque and I felt helpless once again.

    An abomination was standing in front of me. Its whole body seemed to defy natures laws. Its legs were made entirely of bone and the arms were long and ended in two spikes each. The upper body was large and grey, with a white bulb in its middle. The sight was not somethimg you could ever forget, also taking the head in consideration. With a distorted shape and two snail-like eyes that were starring at me, it, alone, could drag a person into madness. On that demonic face, a small mouth was grinning and showing its sharp theeth.

    I was scared. I was at its mercy. The thing could have clearly ended my life in an instant if it wanted to, but it had something else in that cursed mind. I understood that as I saw what it was doing. It was pointing its claws in a direction. I understood what I had to do as I stepped forward.

    The hideous creature got in front of me and started walking, walking towards the forest. It looked back at me one more time, and then it entered the forest. I took a deep breath and I stepped into the mass of trees. I felt the same, but a scent of rotten flesh was filling the air.

    In my mind everything was blank, until one thing chaught my attention. Two eyes were laying on each of the monsters arms, looking at me. I did not remember seeing them. My toughts were interupted by a sudden blow of wind. I had forgotten how cold it actually was, not that it mattered for my guide.

    We walked and walked until my legs felt heavy. I was feeling the exhaustion. I stopped and the thing stopped too. It waited a bit until I recovered and then we continued our walk. I could still feel fear, but a more pleasant feeling found its way into my mind. Walking with that creature felt almost comforting.

    A sound of broken tree branches startled me and dissipated my thoughts. I looked in the direction from which I heard it came and I saw a humanoid beast walking towards us. It had three arms and a rotten head. It saw us and than it quickly returned in the depths of the forest. My guide seemed unmoved by its appearance and was now looking at me. Without realizing it, I had stopped moving.

    The monster with a rotten face acted like it was afraid of something. It did not take long until I realized that the thing in front of me was scaring it. We continued moving, while other monsters were making themselves visible. Parodies of mythical creatures, like a human torso sewed to an injured horse body, a human body with a bull head and a naked women with her legs sewn together and something that looked like a huge fish tale placed upon them.

    Some of the things were even more grotesque and vague, but I shall not recall their appearances.  The worst part was the fact that everyone, or everything was alive. They were living in fear and desperation, maybe even pain.

    After we passed an area full of marked trees, with symbols that I could not recognize, except for one that looked like a fish swallowing a group of people, we arrived at a lake. A muddy lake with a floating mass of rotten flesh close to its shore. The creature, the guide, stopped in front of the water. The mass began moving towards us, the smell of rotting flesh intensifying itself.

    It rose from the water and a whale-like form could be distinguished. It opened its jaws, showing a mass of abnormalities, humans and parts of them. They were all alive, moving and twisting in agony. The whale, the leviathan, got to the shore, waiting with its mouth large opened. The only sound I could hear were the cries of the things inside it. It was the first time I heard a living being utter a sound in that cursed forest. The thing that brought me there stood aside and pointed towards the water demon. I understood. That is why I started to sob quitely.

    I once again stepped forward, ignoring my instincts and leaving my life behind. I took another step and a thought crossed my mind. If all this would have been a battle, I woud have surrendered two times already. I did not fight even when my life depended on it.

    One more step and I could hear the sounds of the living mass inside the whales mouth. As I entered its mouth, the things inside it dragging me down and the beasts jaws closing, I saw my guide once again looking at me, with that cursed grin on its face, making my last moments on this planet the most detestable of them all.

    I just hope that my brother did not suffer as much as I will.

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    • First and foremost your English needs a lot of work.

      Second, this story follows a bunch of cliches; someone begins acting weird because reasons, the main character or narrator follows them around to find out something creepy going on, ooooh there's the monster killing everyone, miraculous hospitalization and trauma that nobody ever believes... That's not a good plot generally speaking. 

      So you've a lot of work to do here. 

      I wish you the best of luck. 

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    • Thank you very much for your feedback!

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    • I remade my first pasta.

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    • Any kind of feedback would be appreciated.

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    • Hey Ragoo, sorry this one slipped past us. I'll try to get some feedback to you by tomorrow. 

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    • Hi, This sounds like a nightmare transcribed. I can't feel logic. It's just horrible and impossible events happening. I also don't feel emotion. The guy is calmly wandering off to death.

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    • I understand. Thank you for your feedback !

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    • A FANDOM user
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