• so i have a good idea for a story but im not a good writer anyone that wants to take a shot at it go ahed anything you can make is better than what i could do but anyway here it is: a monster called "gem face" a hybrid between human and gem, and by that i mean a human with gems jutting out of them like razors and if it was a normal person, they would be dead from blood loss, but they are not normal the creature was once a gemologist but they became obbseded with it and they performed some sort of ritual or somthing to fuse with their craft this created gem face a monstor that will activly seak prey to turn them into replicas of itself and they will do the same they will normally prey on humans but will also attack other animals and do the same fusing them with gems to create monstrocitys it lives in the cave that the gemologist performed the ritual in thats pretty much all i can think of i got the idea while looking at some gems of my own so you could say it was inspired by my own love of the rocks. there it is again anything you can write is probobly better than what i could do so i hope someone see this and gets insired!

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    • i made a crude drawing im also not a good artist so exuse the 1 year old skill...
      Gem face

      the drawing i made

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    • also the gems are all over there body not just on the face i just did the face since i was hurrying

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