• Hey all, I just salvaged my account after a few years of inactivity. Decided to come back after generally bettering my writing ability, and i was wondering if theres any major do's and dont's regarding this genre. I know this site isn't neccesarily the prime area for posting experimental or "piecemeal" lore sort of stories, but frankly I find my sense of storytelling gets better with mixed media and short bursts of info that leave much to the imagination. So any advice in this regard would be appreciated.

    Most of my shorter pieces are a few paragraphs long, and only a fraction of these usually break format, but not to the point of being unreadable. I mostly rely on mundane settings turning surreal and existentialist for the primary plots of these stories, focusing on subtle uncanniness or unexplained phenomena. I'm also an artist and like to add my art to the content in order to generally assist with certain visuals.

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