• I've been on this wiki for years now and have changed my username once before. I'm increasingly feeling I've outgrown my current username and have a good idea for a new one. I'm aware that unless the policy has changed only one name change is allowed per person. Is that still the case? Is there any way around this? Would I be allowed to create a new account and have my stories credited to that? The name I would probably switch it to would be Erasmus Bloodhaven.  

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    • Unfortunately it is only once iirc, but if you set up a new account and message an admin, we can help with a change-over.

      I'd suggest using your current account to leave a message linking to your new account and then we can go about changing citations. We'll likely lock the previous account as having multiple accounts is against our site rules (back when voting was managed on site).

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    • Gomez,

      It really is a good name. I'd keep it. Your writing speaks for itself.

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