• Hi everyone, I've recently started a creepypasta channel around 2 months ago and want some advice on how I should improve my content for the future. Any comments (whether good or bad) will be very helpful to me, and will allow me to pinpoint on what I should strive for next.

    Link to my channel - [[1]]

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    • Hello Nightwell,

      I am going to try to answer your question. This will be in two parts. In this first post, I will give my impressions on looking around, not listening to anything. In my second post, I will give my impressions on listening to the creepypastas.

      First, Nightwell itself as a channel name. That doesn't say Creepypasta narration to me. Compare channel names like No Time Creepy, Spirit Voices, Dr. Creepen, Mr. Creeps, or Lady McCreepsta. You kind of know what to expect from those names. "Nightwell" sounds like it has to do with either well drilling, wellness or nights. Maybe night time working on oil wells?

      The header graphic is really non-descriptive. It's one word on black. There's no background picture to say "Yup, this is creepypasta stuff." Compare the ones from the list of channels above.

      The avatar in a circle. It's to the left of the subscriber count and below the above mentioned graphic. I can't even tell what it is supposed to be. I keep thinking a soot smudge on a rock.

      I looked at "The Scariest Night of my Life" thumbnail. (Didn't listen, just looked) Personally, I think that image gave away the whole story. Poof, nothing left.

      More later.

      Dr. Bob

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    • Nightwell,

      I listened to "Floor Zero."

      Two observations. First, that wind just doesn't fit inside an elevator. Creeking mechanical noise maybe, not howling wind. In all my life, I have never been inside a windy elevator to a basement. Since the sound is so out of place, it distracts and hinders suspension of disbelief rather than building tension.

      I don't know the details of your accent, but when you say "Elevator," you don't pronounce the "t" and I am not sure if you pronounce the "R." If you spoke in Received Pronunciation, it would be easier for me to understand you. That may be completely unrealistic for you to do.

      The organ music at the end really distorted and drowned your narration for me.

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    • Hi DrBobSmith,

      Wow, I'm amazed at your response. You gave me so much to work with. Thank you for everything that you've said. I'll make sure to improve my channel based on the feedback I received here.

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    • Nightwell,

      I will do my best to help. This is a good community here that really wants to help. There is even a "Narration Station" section in the forum for narrators.

      Critically analyze one of the big name narrators. Break down how much time in the narration is spent with what. I think you will notice distinct lead-in and lead-out music, but it is separate from the drama and fades. See how they pace their stories and how they use sound. Track of the number of seconds of music they use.

      You can download YouTube videos using a YouTube downloader. (Atube Catcher is one) I would download ones you really like as MP3 files and then use a spectrum analyzer to take them apart and see what makes them good. See how loud the background sounds are relative to the narrator.

      You can download the automatically generated closed caption transcript with timestamps. You can use that to see what they use when and how they pace the story.

      The narrators I like will have a beginning that says who the story and author is. Give it a try.

      I've noticed that narrators often mispronounce "foreign" words, even ones so common that it really surprises me. It's somewhat surprising when the finest narrators so obviously stumble on this.

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