• Two spirits, damned to wander the world

    Float through Earth's lands like sand in the wind,

    They peek into people who shimmer untouched,

    Those who do good, and those who have sinned.

    They wish they could live in the world they pass by,

    But their actions were tainted, by envy and lies.

    So they maunder morosely, through life they once knew,

    Two sullen spirits, unlike me or you.

    And if you happened to chance upon one of these beings,

    To spy them alone on a cold winter evening,

    A sorrowful tale would be theirs to tell,

    For they were too sinful for heaven, and too pure for hell.

    Their actions were balanced, stuck between the lines

    Of perfection and madness, unable to find a home.

    Their souls intertwined, they had only each other,

    In a world of the living, they were alone.

    They knew of each other, they knew they must bare

    A miserable presence: their company shared.

    So they set off to seek each other's existence.

    To maybe find peace, and an end to resistance.

    It took them an age of floating through space,

    But they finally met, and came face to face.

    For a while, they stared, unsure

    Of what to say, or how to react.

    In those few moments, their curse had been lifted,

    And in its place, was a blessing that only they could share.

    One soul smiled.

    A single tear dripped from his eye,

    He let his soul be shown.

    Spoke as it began to snow:

    "We must have died alone,

    A long, long time ago."

    (inspired by David Bowie's "The Man Who Sold the World")

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    • I like it, but the rhyming scheme of the first two stanzas compared to the rest being couplets bugs me. It seems to go AB CB DD EE FF... etc. Also don't forget that there's the poem format you can use. Just put "poem" at the start and "/poem" at the end, each surrounded by < and >.

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    • I really wish I'd done this as an actual story. I don't know what exactly it is, just something about the poem feels really cheesy in hindsight. I think it's the rhyming scheme, as you've mentioned, but also the rhymes themselves. They feel quite forced, something I didn't seem to pick up on when I first wrote this.

      I'm probably either going to re-write this as a regular pasta, or fine-tune it so it fits better as a poem.

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