• Where would I post a thread about trying to find a specific story?

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    • Ask here. Don't create a new thread. Just tell us more about the story you're looking for.¬†

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    • Ok, I am trying to track down a creepypasta that came with an illustration. It is kind of hard to describe but it sort of looked like a child's drawing. It had a lot of figures and it was made up of a number of scenes that were depicting an events from the creepypasta it was part of. Starting at the top of the page and ending at the bottom.

      You accessed this pic via a link at the creepypasta . It was hosted on another site.

      The events depicted were something horrible and mindblowing but i can't remember exactly what it was.

      I thought at first it might depict scenes from the book that was a plot point in the Creepypasts story The Church In The Woods.However, I can't find anything confirming this. Any idea what story this is?

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    • Maybe you're thinking of Little Pink Backpack, which was removed from the wiki due to a DMCA claim.

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    • Thanks, but that was not it.The one I am thinking of was a single long drawing.IIRC correctly, it had some sort of sci-fi maybe post apocalypt theme.The art also looked a bit like the traditional art of Australian Aboriginies¬† (not that their art is childish or anything like that)

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