• The communication ritual

    Now, if you’re reading this then this would probably be one of the many rituals you have read on the internet. So you can either turn back now or stay to listen. You want in you say? Very well then. If you oblige to this rituals instructions and correctly execute them, then maybe, just maybe you could be chatting with a soul that no longer lives on this earth. However, beware that there are risks in the time period of you starting and ending the ritual many of which are quite…unfortunate. But don’t think about that too much, reread the instructions if needed and you should be fine. To start off this ritual, you will need the following things:

    -2 candles

    -A lighter


    -White string (Window length)

    -Black string (Window length)



    -A Window (preferably one facing a field or woods)

    And an object of dear importance to the one you wish to speak to. Now that you have all the materials needed, you can start setting up the ritual. Once you have found the needed window, put the candles on the right and left edge of the small slab you use to lean on and memorize what wonders your sight gives you while looking at what lay beyond the window. If you don’t have one of those then put the candles on the floor where the windows edges would approximately be if they stretched downward. By now you might have also guessed that you would be talking to your lost soul through a regular window and these candles are here to protect you from the spirit, due to the fact that if there is no light left, the spirit can escape the dark void it’s in, and potentially harm you.

    So for a precaution there are 2 sources of light in case 1 blows out for whatever reason. Most spirits also consider these 2 flickers of light to be a sign of manners, rather then you just turning on the lights and they can even learn to respect you, if you manage to pull off this ritual multiple times, without messing up of course. Once the candles are set, take the white string and tape it on on the top side of the window while taping the black string on the bottom side. DO NOT do it the other way around, this can make the spirit think you want to harm them and this can surely raise the odds of the spirit thinking of you fondly, and TRUST ME, you would not want a spirit thinking the wrong way about you. This can lead to, like I said before, things, most unfortunate for you, just keep that in mind. These strings represent the balance of your realm and the spirits realm, having this balance is the key to to keeping your realms connected, or in other words, your consultation going.

    Which gets me to our next ingredient, salt. The salt, like you have most likely guessed by now, is your friend. Not only does it protect you, but more importantly, it is the border that separates the world’s you and your spirit are in. To make the border, dip one of your fingers into the salt and trace a rectangle around the window, do this step a couple more times if necessary. And pardon me if I’m being overdramatic, but get all the areas in your rectangular line that don’t have salt on, salted. It does not matter how much salt is at every edge as long as their is. We can not imagine the chaos that would erupt in this world if even one organism that does not, or no longer comes from our world, slip into our interval, so make sure you get this step right like the other ones. Trace the shape a million times for all I care but get the job done. And keep this salt with you at ALL times during the ritual. With that said, we move on to the last item. Once you have acquired the the important token of the one you would like to interact with the ritual is ready.

    This ritual can only be started within the time gap of 12 a.m and 3 a.m so yes, you will be doing this at night. The ritual works best on cloudy nights, it is ok if it’s raining but for some reason ghosts despise thunder while in this ritual, making them aggressive or sometimes they just don’t arrive at all. So check the weather forecast closely on your ritual night. And don’t forget that you also have to have all electronics and all calls transferred to a different time since you can not have any outside world contact during the ritual. When the time comes, don’t go to bed, instead wait from 12:00 sharp and stare out of the future glass that will be separating you from the being that wishes to be on the other side again. But don’t worry, you have 3 hours to get yourself ready. And don’t forget that you can end the the ritual practically anytime you want after dawn, but you can only start it after 12 and before 3. When you feel like everything is adequate, take a few deep breaths and you can begin the ritual.

    Start by blowing a hot breath through your mouth on the chosen window to fog it up and to not see and mess up the spirit realm transition. Turn off the lights, so the only visible part of the room would be shown by the warm fire coming from the candles. Once you have the candles lit, find the special object for this ritual, and burn it. If the object is not flammable, then use the gasoline that you prepared, it should do the trick. It is recommended that you obviously do this outside because not only will it save you for being engulfed in smoke or worse, flames. But it will also attract the spirit much faster then burning their heeded object indoors. Once you see the first flicks of burning orange on their object, IMMEDIATELY turn around and walk back to your house. DO NOT look back during this process as doing so will let you see something no living human can yet comprehend. Stop exactly a step away for your house and recite the following poem:

    The wind shall howl

    But this game is no foul

    The dark and light shall give a sum

    With this we ask of you to come

    I summon you tonight!

    Appear in my sight!

    Once this is done, calmly walk back into your house while closing the door behind you WITHOUT turning around. Get back into your chosen room, close your eyes and count to ten seconds. Once this is done, grab the salt bag you used, and slowly come up to the window, firmly grip your salt bag and make sure you show no signs of fear before you meet the spirit. Once you are close enough to the mirror, wipe off the fog from the window and you should now see the spirit you wished to talk with, taking the shape of the body they used to own, them being in a dimension that is clearly not your own. I can not tell you what it looks like simply because the views are very diverse and every person that tries this ritual sees something different and unique. Oh and, try not to piss yourself if you do see them. If you do not see your desired spirit, spray the window with the remaining salt in your bag, blow out the candles, turn on the lights in ONLY that room of your house and leave your HOME! Sleep at a friend’s house or hotel if you want, but you can not return to your house for the rest of the night. You may return to your house in the afternoon but I would recommend using that time for moving since the spirit you summoned, probably won’t leave the current home you’re living in anytime soon, and chances are you won’t like a ghost living in your house and this is something you won’t like experiencing. You probably just bothered a spirit that did not like to be bothered…and this makes them angry, to say the least. You must move, only pack during the day and NEVER attempt this ritual again if you ever want to live life normally again.

    If the spirit you called does show up then CONGRATULATIONS! You have just done what very little of our population has done in all of history! You may ask the spirit anything you wish, however there are a few things to keep in mind. Please do not mock or insult the spirit, even if it does seem like a close friend or family member, you never know who’s really behind that corpse one the soul and body have been disconnected in the transition to the after life. And the last thing you’d want is an unfamiliar soul getting like I said…mad. While the spirit will answer your questions truthfully it will occasionally ask you some as well and lying, is not an option. If you decide to lie or ignore it’s question it will either get angry or just start to slim down the truth to your questions until it might just stop answering at all. And don’t think you can get away with getting the most important answers out of the spirit and then abandon ship, no that’s not possible since when you start the ritual the SPIRIT starts the conversation and with it, comes the first question. So answer truthfully no matter how foolish or disturbing the questions and are.

    Another scenario that you might be unlucky enough to be in is if one of your candles suddenly blows out. Stay calm and don’t do anything stupid, if the spirit you are talking to senses one shred of tension inside you, then it knows that you are afraid and will use that as it’s advantage and will try to convince and manipulate you to open the window even if has to think up of impossible lies. And don’t think you’re out of the woods if you’re window can’t open, in fact you have a worse fate to deal with as if you give in you will smash the window rather then opening it. Continue on the ritual smoothly and never look at anything besides the spirit and ONLY the spirit. If you accidentally do show that you are scared then ignore any threats or pleads the spirit has to say, DO ANYTHING possible to stop you from listening to the spirit. If you open that window then not only will the spirit escape into your world, but it will also take your body and fling your soul into non existence into the dark void it’s been for the past eternity. So continue the ritual and finish it ASAP as soon as you know it’s morning.

    And one last thing, if the ghost you’re talking to ever stops in the middle of a word and stares ahead right above your head, almost like their is someone right behind you, DO NOT turn around. Continue the ritual and do not look back until you have finished the ritual. On more than one occasion you might feel a cold breath on your fingers whom are defending your last shimmer of hope. You might also hear voices behind you calling your name and to help them, some even might sound very familiar. On rare occasions you might even feel a hand on your shoulder and the cold breath. Moving right up to the top hairs on your head, pay no mind to all of this and do not look back. If one candle blows out then everything's still fine, but take this as a severe warning and do everything in your might to stop the second candle for blowing out, as if it does..well…in that case… it’s the worst game over you can imagine. But as long as you resist the urge to look back and wait until the first glimpses of sun rays coming from the horizon, you will SURVIVE.

    With all this said the ritual’s conclusion approaches at a fast pace. To end the ritual you must ask the spirit this sentence “May I move on” if the spirit replies with a “I let you go”, then you are free to thank the spirit, blow out the candles and leave the room. Try not to go into the room with the window for the next couple of days, just to make sure the spirit leaves your house but other then that you should be fine. But if the spirit responds “I keep you in” then, well I suppose you’ll just have to continue the ritual until the spirit accepts your departure.

    But now that this ritual is behind you, continue your life normally. There are no catches, your house isn’t haunted and neither are you, just try not to open your ritual window that often, just in case. But you correctly performed the ritual and got all the information you needed ...or perhaps, you have more questions, that require you to, repeat the communication…

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    • Sir fear,

      The first thing you should do is read good ritual pastas. In my opinion, the best there ever was is Red Helen by Jdeschene.

      Read it critically. Note the following:

      • The wonderful build-up
      • That very strong motivation to do the ritual
      • The very clear risk.
      • The gain still outweighing the risk

      Feel it emotionally. Feel that attraction to doing it.

      After you have felt all of this in Red Helen, find it in your story.

      Any good writing is emotional. It's not a series of events like a news story or a factual scientific report. Good fiction makes us FEEL. You use details to set the stage but the performance is the emotion.

      Dr. Bob

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    • It follows the typical ritual formula which is already making it less interesting.

      You were being unnecessarily overdramatic and even used CAPS which just isn't good in my book, use punctuation instead, Bolden or itilize important parts or use exclamations.

      You've also had some confused words: ie "their" instead of "there"

      Also the stakes are too high for what one could do with Google, these rituals never offer anything of actual value that requires making these sacrifices.

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    • I agree with everything Bob and Spghetti said.

      Ritual pastas are hard to pull off (though I will admit I don't care for them in general so that might have something to do with why I feel this way). And, as BloodySpghetti pointed out, it is your typical, non descript ritual pasta with nothing that stands out from the rest.

      First off, the title needs to be capitalized (The Communication Ritual rather than The communication ritual)

      Part of what ruins it is that you are too interactive with the reader. For example, you answer questions the readers most likely aren't actually asking ("You want in you say?" "so yes, you will be doing this at night.").

      I'm not sure if this is just my opinion, or if anyone will agree, but I feel that the paragraphs could be broken down slightly.

      This might just be my opinion, but I would rewrite the first paragraph entirely.

      I suggest spelling out numbers ("Two candles" instead of "2 candles", "there are two sources of light in case one blows out" instead of "there are 2 sources of light in case 1 blows out") except, of course, in the case of time, dates, and money.

      Window in "(Window length)" doesn't need capitalized.

      I advise against capitalizing entire words ("DO NOT", "TRUST ME").

      There is quite a problem with the ellipsis. Ellipsis is three periods and a space. In most instances you just have three periods with no space, and at the end you have a space, three periods, and no space after the periods.

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    • Hi, thanks to all who have helped so far with my ritual pasta. As you have noticed this sotry is rushed and I did not check mygrmatical errors. I have noted all your suggestions and will keep the in mind in the near future. I am thinking of writing a new oorignal creepypasta rather then a ritual. I look forward to hearing more of your opinions in the near future. And I have one more questiton for you readers, what kind pasta truly terrifes you, or what in a pasta terrifies you? I am intresetd in hearing all your responses. I thank you for taking the time to read and criticize my ritual, have a good day.

      Sir fear  

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    • Sir fear,

      When you check your errors and correct them to the best of your ability, we are far more likely to think that you really care about your writing and have done the best you can with it.

      The closer the story is to my feelings and emotions, the greater the fear is. "Character sheet" stories aren't creepypastas. I don't care if you define something that you think can defeat the entire Marvel Comic Universe. I don't play video games, so haunted video game pastas don't scare me. Ritual pastas bore me. They almost always are a recipe, without bringing in any emotion. Gore will bore me. Any story that uses scientific or historical details should get those details correct.

      That tells you what I don't like. What I do like is for you to get in and suck me in two ways:

      • Emotion
      • Creepiness

      I need to be brought into the emotions of the character, so I know them and care about them. Then you need to ratchet up the creepiness until that creepiness pressure finally explodes in some powerful horror.

      Then edit mercilessly. If it doesn't move the story forward, it holds the story back.

      Good luck!

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    • Sir fear wrote:
      Hi, thanks to all who have helped so far with my ritual pasta. As you have noticed this sotry is rushed and I did not check mygrmatical errors.

      It is never a good idea to leave your story unchecked. Always, always proofread your story. It doesn't matter how long it takes, it is always worth the extra effort.

      I am thinking of writing a new oorignal creepypasta rather then a ritual.

      I wish you good luck. I do hope you don't mean a character though because most of the time they are just rehashes of Jeff the Killer.

      what kind pasta truly terrifes you, or what in a pasta terrifies you?

      Nothing. I'm not one to get scared of anything. I read these stories because I enjoy the plots. Sorry I couldn't give a more straight forward answer.

      I wish you good luck on your next story.

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    • DrBobSmith and Nedwolfkin, Thanks for all the advice yu have given me! I'll keep in mind to read my story before its publishsing and to rememember the emotions but stay in the horror area. I thought that maybe a ritual would be a good pasta because, well I sometime sget scared of them, but I suppose thats not for eveybody. Thanks again! I'm off to write my new story

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