• Back in high school, there was this little novelette I read. It had a purple cover and I think the word "darkness" was in its title, though I could be mistaken. I also think it was French in origin (I must've read a translated version), possibly Quebec. Probably Quebec. I only remember it because there was some disturbing and honestly pretty fucked up stuff in it.

    The plot followed a mother and her two children, a son and a daughter, moving out to a farmhouse (?) after their father has already passed. The son is a bit feeble minded, but his mother grooms him all day because he is "beautiful", while the daughter is an ugly, spiteful wretch.

    There were many scenes of the son going out into the forest to watch animals - I think there was one particular scene where he watching two cats mating.

    The daughter is the one that I remember the most. The two most memorable moments (unfortunately) both involved her. The first was a scene where she became so angry and jealous of her mother's love for her brother and indifference towards her, that she took her brother's face and shoved it into a pot of boiling water, disfiguring him.

    The second was a longer part of the story. The girl meets a handsome man who turns out to be blind. She lies to him about having silky flowing blonde hair and beautiful features so that he will be with her. They get married and have a child. Then one morning, the man's vision inexplicably returns and he sees that she has been lying all along, and leaves her.

    There was also a scene where the mother's new lover gave one of the kids the belt, I think the son? I'm certain that it ended with the mother putting her deformed son away in some form of asylum.

    If you know the story, please let me know its name. It's been bugging me for a while now, even though I never want to read it again.

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