• i know the trollpasta wiki shutdown in 2018.

    The staff of the Trollpasta wiki said they would make an actual website for trollpasta's. Well is it out?

    If not, does anyone any other Trollpasta like wiki's or websites?

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    • When or if there will be an independent trollpasta wiki is pretty much at the whim of the two or three TPW admins who still care enough to make a try for it.

      Many if not most of the TWP oldheads have pretty much moved on. I get the strong feeling many of them took TPW's deletion as a sign that it was time to move on.

      That said, NEdWolfkin made LolPasta Wiki which is currently doing pretty well. There are other places to put trollpastas as well such as Badpasta Wiki and the old Creepypasta Staff training wiki, but currently LOLpasta Wiki has the most active community that I know of.

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    • thanks for letting me know about lolpasta wiki

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