• My baby Stephanie is constantly starving. The poor, 8 year old girl has to suffer watching her three brothers feast, day by day. And what’s worse is that my husband and I constantly let it happen. We always feed our three boys, but what about poor Stephanie? I know the answer to that question, and it’s something my husband will be unable to digest.

    I have a surprise for Stephanie. She’ll be exhilarated when she comes home from school tomorrow. But for now i’ll go back to serving my three boys.

    “Mommy, can we go to the buffet tomorrow?” Stephanie told me with a frown and tears in her eyes as I would get the boys meal ready.

    “Not now darling”, I responded to her. “Go back to your room before the boys see you.”

    I know for a fact that my three boys and my husband don’t like Stephanie. When they see her they insult her for being female and hurt her, giving her bruises, and making blood spill from her mouth. I know they only like me because they think i’m useful, cleaning the house, serving them food, and basically anything a maid would do around the house.

    To them i’m nothing but a maid.

    The next day I picked up Stephanie from school. I had a huge surprise for her. As we parked the car in the driveway of our house, I took her hand and opened the door.

    “Wow mommy!” She exclaimed. “You did this for me?”

    “Of course I did!” I told her with joy. “You finally now get the buffet you’ve always been waiting for!”

    I smiled happily as 8 year old Stephanie ran over to the boy’s bodies and started digging away, mouth stained red and her hands holding a silent heart.

    I’m such a good mom. Always doing what’s best for my daughter.

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    • Too quick too outlandish. I understand the mother snapping after years of torment, Ed Kemper only murdered because his mother drove him to murderous aggression and after he killed his mother he stopped. If we knew the whole backstory; it would work better.

      Its too short as it is now

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    • There would have to be a downed plain in the background for me to be as excited as Stephanie was when she rushes over and starts munching on her siblings. Even if I was stranded on the side of a mountain, I think I'd still try to get a fire started and cook that meat. I agree with Bloody, it needs more words. Good luck.

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