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    02:23, September 4, 2019

    I was watching one of HoodoHoodlumsRevenge's Creepypasta videos when I got an idea. What if I had members of the Creepypasta wiki collaborate to create a creepypasta? So I made this forum post. The way it works is that each user contributes one sentence per reply. You can do it more than once, but let other people contribute before you do. Swearing is allowed, but otherwise, nothing NSFW. (BTW The title is a parody of Twitch Plays Pokemon)

    Here's the first sentence, to start us off:

    One afternoon, I was browsing for games at my local GameStop.

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    • Sorry, but I'm gonna have to shut this down. This type of collaboration would be a type of blogicle, plus it would spam up the recent activity feed. You'll have to find some other, off-wiki place to do this kind of thing.

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