• Hey folks,

    I'm looking for a creepypasta which I have read about 4 years ago ... I don't remember it being a PotM, I rather found it by coincidence ... anyways, it was about a guy, the narrator, who tells a story about some introvert friend who spends most of his time in the garage and his room, editing movies, like adding new endings, recutting them so they tell a whole new story and he's extremely talented and skilled. Yet, he barely speaks and seems to live in his very own world of editing etc. They lose each other as they get older and some years later, when the narrator became an adult, he remembers this friend of his and goes to visit him, only to discover that his house is abandoned and something gruesome has happened to his family. It was an awesome and long read and the end is really creepy and nasty. Does anyone remember?

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