• Years ago I came across an intercative (kind of?) story on Tumblr and never read the whole thing or saved it and I think about it all the time but can't find it anywhere! It was really creepy but also really beautiful and haunting. Kind of dreamy. I think it was about two AIs seeimingly trapped in space very far away from each other. I think it starts by one of them waking up and gaining consciousness and being very alone and finding a way to transmit messages. I think the other AI who responds to the first one says something about their messages taking hundreds or even thousands of years to reach each other. I also vaguely remember the website it was on having like pictures and links you could click on and I think one was a newspaper clipping about High school football (but I may be way off). 

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    • this sounds like a dismissive joke response but, sincerely, was this a halo 3-4 fanfiction?

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