• The so-called “Nightmare Incident” was a TV hijacking that occurred on February 4th, 1989. It was similar to the “Wyoming Incident” but in its own different ways. But why was it called the Nightmare Incident? The reason why was because of the content. YouTube deleted it before, but it kept reappearing. It was very scary to be in fact, mainly one image. An image of two eyes, beating like a heart. During an episode of “The Simpsons”, the alleged hijacking took place for at least an hour. Viewers of this strange tape were greeted to sinister-looking men as well as other creepy and disturbing imagery. Then the effects. They had headaches, muscle pain, paranoia, and scary hallucinations, that were too scary for anyone to handle.

    They also were greeted by messages saying “JOIN US” and “YOU'RE NEXT”. These images were from the “Wyoming Incident”, murder cases, and gore. What makes this stranger was that it was not an ordinary hijacking. There was a reason why YouTube deleted it and the account that uploaded it, it was cursed. People were scared for their lives after seeing this bizarre and horrifying clip that interrupting the broadcasting of “The Simpsons” that day. They wanted an explanation and wanted it to end. The station broadcasting the show, KSA 64.8 put a stop to this clip. The clip ended and people were glad it. But you can say that the ones who took their own lives after saying this line “WE ARE A TOOL FOR MURDER. WE MUST REMOVE THE EVIDENCE BY REMOVING OURSELVES FROM THE WHOLE PICTURE”.

    There are no clips or pictures of this event due to never existing in the first place. If it didn't exist, then what were the people watching and why did they take their own lives?

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    • Why

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    • So... it's a spinoff of The Wyoming Incident. Which is already against our wiki's policies. You also bank on people having read/heard the aforementioned story already so that they have an idea of what's going on. But then generalizing it as "it's like the Wyoming Incident but scarier!" doesn't really make it more terrifying. On top of that, there are numerous grammatical and punctuation errors throughout.

      I'm not sure what to say to improve it outside of, come up with your own plot. There's plenty of scary television stories and videos already, each with their own unique ideas. Try comparing the Wyoming Incident to LOCAL58's "Contingency" video. DO NOT rip off of either, but pay attention to the differences and the subtle things that make each so scary, despite both being scary broadcasts. I don't find Wyoming Incident that scary to be perfectly honest, but Contingency scares the ever-living shit out of me.

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    • Thank you for the response. I will try not to do it again. 

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