• I'm a new user here and I'm rather inexperienced with writing, especially with Creepypasta. But I have read over the rules and I do have a few ideas for stories, but I also have some questions.

    I'm a fan of role-playing and I've played tabletop RPG's, participated in online RP's, and I even do LARP on occasion. I want to write a creepypasta related to the RP hobby, but I don't quite know what categories I should fit them in and whether or not including an actual published RPGĀ (like Dungeons & Dragons or Vampire: The Masquerade) as a major component of the story would count as a violation of the fan fiction rule. Especially when it comes to things like stories involving online RP's.

    I'd also like to know where this wiki draws the line on "Lost Episodes" because I had a few ideas involving a creepypasta where the narrator rediscovers oldĀ stories they themselves wrote a long time ago as a teenager, but never posted to the public (or maybe they did post them and forgot about it). The horror being that they are freaked out by what they read and slowly realize that their youth wasn't as cozy and pleasant as their nostalgia led them to believe. Would it count as a "Lost Episode" cliche if the narrator themselves wrote the work and simply forgot about it years later?

    However, my original idea was that the stories were old fanfictions (since the author was a teen at the time they wrote them) and I think that would probably violate the rules on that. I could make the stories original works instead.

    Any help and clarification on this would greatly appreciated.

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    • A story that directly uses another IP like DnD lore or Vampire: The Masquerade (characters, events, items, worlds, etc.) would need to pass our spinoff appeal before they could be posted. Posting it without approval will result in the story being removed and a warning being issues as it's in violation of our site rules.

      As for the second question, I don't really see that idea ("the narrator rediscovers old stories they themselves wrote a long time ago as a teenager, but never posted to the public (or maybe they did post them and forgot about it).") requiring an appeal as it doesn't use any intellectual properties that the author themselves did not create. An example of something being a spinoff for clarification would be: a story set in the world of Fallout/Magic the Gathering/Dungeons and Dragons/etc., a story that uses characters from another IP like Baron of Aurora (even if it's an original story), or a story that is added as a sequel/prequel/etc. to another authors' work.

      Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions and we can try to clear things up a bit.

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    • Thanks, I left a message for you on the subject.

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    • A FANDOM user
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