• Just curious if anyone has ever done a creepypasta in the form of a video game design document, some kind of sinister rule book or instruction manual, or the itinerary for an event (such as a convention or a secret meeting) 

    I think there might be potential in such an idea. The game design document format might be a good idea for more original video game creepypastas, making something disturbing out of the mundane and technical. 

    I've been reading up on old video game design documents and how to write those kinds of formats for reference.

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    • That sounds pretty cool but i wonder how youd write it/ publish it here. I guess you could start with the image and then have the story text as you kind of narrating it or something like that but just going through the steps. I think id actually like to try this sometime.

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    • Little bit of a necro, but I'm not sure what you mean by video game documents? Like the pamphlets they used to put in disc cases? On paper, it could work as long as you didn't associate the game with any existing series OR were very very careful about having the story rotate around the format and not the IP. Personally, I've been trying to bring back the same format with other genres, so I think you can do it too. Format and creepiness will always be the biggest hurdle.

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