• Hi i'm Emma i'm 14 years old i just had move into a new house not to diffrent from the one i use to live in. I know what your wondering. Why am i talking about the rake? Well it's cause they been coming into my dream's lately a lot of days and times i'm kinda getting worried about it i don't know why it's been happening they also happent the same

    I will wake up and see new houses new people and building's and see wired things happen.

    One happen just like this: I was in  broken old house looking for something (sorry can't remember what) I then notice a wired guy he was on all fours and kinda had the body of the rake i realize it might be him and started to run as i was running i heard him followingi kept running and running to scared to look back then i thought i lost him i look and he was still coming then i woke up. 

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    • Ill try to remember my dreams and keep you guy's updated 

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    • This is not a story. This is a two paragraph prompt for a story. There's no meat on the bones, one could say. It's "hi I've been having nightmares about a monster that scares me then I woke up." I need a reason to be invested in Emma's plight. This is just stating a few events and then BYE! Take your time, lengthen it out, and build a story around it. There are also many grammatical errors throughout, but those can be found and fixed with any grammar checker online.

      On top of that, this prompt is making use of another author's intellectual property, which is a spinoff and against this wiki's policies. Based on your recent blog entry as well, this is a self-insert about yourself vs. The Rake. That may also fall under fanfiction, which is also against our rules (see previous link).

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