• Hi everyone, I'm Lebeaux and im starting a youtube narration channel and i was wondering if i could get permission form some folks in the community to use their stories.

    I've been reading and listening to creepypasta for some time now, i just love coming home after a long day and relaxing with a good story, I've even had an ex-girlfriend call it a "strange little addiction." :)

    Due to some rather unfortunate circumstances I find myself at a point in life where i have to start over completly from scratch and thus, have more free time on my hands. Because of this I've decided to give back to a community I enjoy so much. Sadly i have no talent for writing but i do have a mic and a love for telling stories. I even went so far as to enter the Evil Idol Competition this year, but admitedly, didnt make it past the preliminaries, but hopefully, with the help and support of other people who have a passion for horror I can practice my skills and try again next year. If i can help a few horror writers out there get some recognition as well, it would make me all the happier.

    so, who would like to be my first narration? Thank you all in advance.

    (i havent thought of a sign off yet :P)

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    • You are more than welcome to narrate any of my works, all of which are linked on my profile. As well, I always link back to the video so more people can find it. The best of luck to you!

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    • Fantastic. thanks so much.

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