• After the failure of my Cast Party story, I lost motivation to contribute to this fandom until now. I looked through the Blacklist to find what I (obviously) couldn't write. I didn't have any problems until I looked through the Gamepastas. I knew for sure -- I'm not allowed to make "Haunted Game" stories, which is obvious. It mentions Gamepastas but doesn't confirm nor deny if they too are banned.

    I kinda want to make a Gamepasta-- an original spoopy game that isn't possessed by a ghost or that other kind of stuff. But with how confusing the rules discuss it, I need to know--

    Can I write an original Gamepasta, or do/should I have to go through the Appeal first?

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    • Gamepastas are fine, but as you noticed, Haunted Copy of Mario 666 Where Mario Has Hyper-realistic Eyes And Dies is not. And as long as you sidestep other cliches, you should be alright.

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    • I remember two different and original "game pastas" in the last year or so. Both worked quite well. Neither had a haunted game. In fact, neither was supernatural.

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    • The biggest issues with Gamepastas are that they tend to follow the same cliche paths. If you can create a fresh take on a Gamepasta, have at it, by all means! Just be mindful of what's considered as blacklisted subjects. ;)

      Happy writing!

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    • In addition to the blacklist against "haunted" gaming stories, there are five explicit franchise blacklists as well as several others included in the abuse filter, such as Sonic. The rules governing what kinds of video game story you are and are not allowed to publish on this wiki are murky enough that I've been meaning to suggest revisiting and revising them for clarity.

      My main advice for writing a video game pasta is this: don't make your first one be about a real video game or franchise. Make one up for your story, that way you have free reign to make things up as you go along and don't have to worry as much about falling into old cliches. The same goes for television pastas: creepypastas about fictional TV shows tend to be better written and more engaging than lost episode pastas because the authors have more creative freedom by making up a show for their story.

      Once you've got some experience under your belt, then and only then would I recommend delving into writing about real video games, and even then it can still be hard to pull off even for experienced creepypasta writers.

      So, let's say you wanted to write a pasta based on a classic platformer series from the 90s, such as Super Mario Brothers, Sonic, Pokemon, Zelda, etc.

      Instead of making it about one of these real game series, try coming up with a video game or video game franchise that is your own creation for the story but still fits with the nostalgic tone you are going for. Whatever real game you had in mind originally, think about the reasons you chose that game and use that as a starting point.

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    • Thank you guys for giving me a pre-advice on making a Gamepasta story. I'll be getting a work on it and hopefully things go okay.

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    • I believe as long as it's not blood whistle

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    • A FANDOM user
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