• I'm not sure if I'm allowed to make ROM pastas. Like I've mentioned on YouTube a lot, I hate unoriginal creepypastas like, "spooky scary spoop rusty spoon salad fingers the game haubted cartridge at 3am leaked footage!!!1!!" I'd like to be able to at least make ROM pastas? The rules never said I couldn't make a ROM pasta when I looked. Maybe they've been updated but I'm too busy to look... In the meantime, grab some tea, and read I hate you because tha was actually good for a jokepasta.

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    • It's not explicitly blacklisted, but if you include supernatural elements it may be easy to stray into "haunted ROM" territory, which is blacklisted.

      If you're in doubt about it, I'd say write it anyway, submit it to Writers' Workshop for feedback. If you want we can take a look at your draft ahead of time to make sure it doesn't go against any blacklists, and if it does then we can suggest ways that you can get it to pass a spin/blacklist appeal.

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