• Cats... I've never liked them. When I was younger I was attacked by one of my neighbors cats. I wouldn't say that I'm as scared of them anymore, but I just look at them and see stuck up little jerks.

    I got off of the edge of my bed rubbing my eyes gently. ”Errg..” I did not feel like going into work today. It was Monday. Five in the damn morning. I know I should just be thankful for having a job, but I wish I could have gotten one of the jobs at my work that allow you to come in later. I hated getting up so early in the morning. I headed into the kitchen and turned on the coffee maker and put some bread in the toaster. Then I noticed that I received a call on my home phone. I pressed the button. ”Hey Johnathan, I was wondering if you were still able to come to Thanksgiving dinner. I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through a lot of stress lately. Anyways... when you get the chance please call back. Love you dear.” I sighed. I really did not want to go to dinner, but I knew I would, because I wanted my mom to be happy. The main reason I disliked going was because of the long drive and her ”new boyfriend ”. God... Did I hate her boyfriend. I knew he was only with her for her money. And she... She just wanted company. Sometimes I actually wonder if I never moved and lived next to her if she'd still be with that asshole.

    I heard a pop from the toaster and grabbed my now toasted bread and a mug of coffee.

    After work I came home and flopped down on the sofa. Today was surprisingly better. A shitload of work, but one of the guys I hated was not there. I sighed in relief. Then I remembered that I should call my mom back. When we talked over the phone it felt like hours. Which I was find with when I wasn't busy or heading out to my job. So I decided to go ahead and give her a ring.

    ”Hey mom” ”Hi sweety. Are you able to come to Thanksgiving dinner? If you aren't able to I can understand.” ”I can come, I don't really mind. I have off on Thursday and... I'm not doing anything that day anyways.” ”Ok good! I thought you were going to tell me you had to work. I've missed you. Thanksgiving is the only real time I get to see you, you know.” ”I’m sorry... I still call you every weekend.” ”No no no, it's alright sweety. You got a good paying job! I happy for you. Oh shoot I got to go!” ”Everything ok?” ”Yeah, just gotta drop off a package before I forget. Love you!” ”Love you too.” The phone clicks.

    Huh, only 10 minutes. I stretched and laid back falling asleep.

    Thursday morning I woke up, ate, and got in my car. The drive was about four hours. I wasn't a fan of long drives. I made a few stops to take breaks and use the restroom. I was glad I had the rest of the week off of work, but I didn't really want to go to dinner. ”You can do this... Quit being a baby.” I said to myself in the rearview mirror. I took a swig of my Mountain Dew and continued on to my mom's place.

    About an hour later I pulled into her driveway and got out and walked to the door and rung the bell. The door opened and I saw her tear stained face. ”Mom?..” ”S-something awful happened...” I looked at her confused. ”What? What happened?...” she grabbed my arm pulling me inside. ”He... He left me.. Last night he just got mad and left. I miss him so much!” I smiled internally, but on the outside held a sad face. ”Aw mom... You deserve better than him anyways.” she sighed and moved letting me enter her house. ”I.. Suppose. I haven't started on anything other than the turkey. Do you think you could pick some stuff up for me?” I nodded reluctantly and took note of the different things.

    I drove back from the small food market near her house and pulled into her driveway and got out. I saw a cat sitting on her porch. It gave me a off look. It looked like it was studying me. ”SHOO! Beat it!!” it did NOT move. I shook the bags and it just walked away. Cats are so weird I thought. Then I went inside. ”Thank you so much dear. ” ”no problem.” I said setting down the bags. Then I heard HIS voice. ”Haha so he was able to come this year! Hey little Johnson!” he said basically slapping my back. Fuck me... ”Hello Tom.” ”Oh common, CALL ME DAD.” he said smiling a annoying smile that made me want to punch him. I didn't though. ”Isn’t it great? He came back saying that he missed me too! Aww I love you.” she said hugging him. ”love ya too.” oh my go- ”Yes. That is great...” they both left the room. ”Hey.. Mom? I'm going to uhh.. Head out to go eat! I'll be back!” ”OK! I ran to my car and sped off to an empty lot. I put my head in my hands. ”Fuck..” why did he have to come back?....

    I heard a loud meowing. I looked out and saw a skinny dark grey cat with amber eyes... Is that the same freaking cat??? I thought. The cat stared up at me through the window. I felt a weird sensation pass over me. A feeling of lightheadedness and dread. I decided to go get a motel room. The place was was close anyway. I pulled into the lot and got a room. Room 7. I unlocked the door and laid down on the bed. My dreams were plagued by that of my mother's boyfriend.

    ”Haha! Little shit, you are scared ain't ya??” he said holding up a taxidermy cat. ”Please get it away!!! Mommy!!!” he set it down laughing. ”She is at work. You know.. You are luck this cat is dead, a living one would cut your ass. They prey on weak little bastards. Heh. You are like a mouse. Some wait until you are asleep and stand over you and when you wake up.... They cut your eyes out!” he then removed his glass eye. ”You brat. You are lucky.” ”Ahhhhhh!!!!” he grinned. ”Now go the fuck to sleep! I'm sick of hearing you playing that stupid race car game.” he said slamming the door.

    I woke up cursing his name. Then I heard meowing outside the window. Loud obnoxious meowing. I opened the door and stepped out. ”Go!” the cat hissed. But. It wasn't at me. Footsteps came from behind me. I felt something cold and sharp touch my neck. Then I heard ”Give me your money and I won't hurt you.” said in a deep scratchy voice. The cat past us both into the room and jumped up on the tv knocking it down on the attacker’s head. I ran like hell. I left my cheap ass jacket, but I did not give a fuck I got in my car and started the engine. The cat ran in my direction sometime ago. I did not see it though. The man with the knife walked up to my car. His nose was bleeding and his face was contorted into a sadistic grin. ”I’m going to slit your fucking throat and tear out your organs one by ONE!!!” I gave him the finger and pulled out fast. He hung onto the car’s side slamming his fist against the window. Soon it shattered. ”Get away!!!” he laughed and gave my face a slice. I punched him in the jaw and then got the idea to open my car door. I opened it violently knocking him off leaving him a bloody mess and sped off. It smashed into his face pretty fucking hard.

    I decided to not go back to my mom's place. I would just send her a text saying I love her, but I got a fever. On the way back I went to a truck stop bathroom and washed my face and went in to buy some alcohol and bandages. Thankfully they acted like it wasn't out of the normal. I really did not want to talk about it or have to deal with the cops. I hopped back in my car and drove home.

    Finally after all of the shit I went through I opened the car door, but I heard the meowing again. The grey cat jumped out from the back and looked up at me. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't annoyed, but... ”Oh hell..” I reached down and pet the cats head and it purred and rubbed against my leg then it ran away.

    Later that night my mom called my cell and I just said I was sick. The call was short, but it didn't sound like she really cared. I get she was probably just annoyed with me. I didn't tell her about the motel thing.

    About a year later I got a shift change, a amazing girlfriend, my mom's bf left again, and she found a cool guy I actually like being around.

    I only saw the cat one more time at 9pm on a weeknight in my backyard. I tried setting out food, but it was almost never ate, so it was probably rodents or some shit. I just sat and we enjoyed each other’s company for a while.

    I...think I don't hate cats as much as I use to. I might actually adopt one.

    Where ever the cat is I hope it's doing alright.

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    • I know it's not the scariest story, but I thought it would be a an interesting story. If you can please tell me what you think.

      -thank you

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    • I'm going to start this review by saying that you should start a new paragraph when someone is speaking, and when changing speakers.

      That aside, the story suffers from spelling errors, awkward wording, the narration is slighty too interactive, seemingly lazy narrative, and, I'm sorry to say, a weak plot.

      Almost nothing happens until the main character is almost robbed, only to be saved by a cat for some reason. A lot of the story feels like pointless filler.

      Nothing creepy actually happens. The story relies too heavily on people doing bad things for a cheap scare, which isn't too successful.

      The story goes virtually nowhere. The only character development we get is the main character shifting from hating cats to adoring them.

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    • Thank you for replying. I appreciate the advice.

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    • You're welcome.

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    • On top of what Ned said, there's a bunch of structural issues. You're supposed to start a new paragraph each time a different person speaks. 

      The use of caps doesn't make anything more accentuated in a good way, it just comes off as lazy and silly. 

      And you should work on your overall styling. 

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    • A FANDOM user
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