• I looked at the clock with eager eyes. What time would it occur?

    I started sweating bullets. My mouth went dry and the air seemed to get colder.

    My eyes started to close, but I would not let them. The time had to come now. I can not wait any longer. I am growing impatient.

    A dark shadow swept across my room. I saw it fly back and forth. Towards my door, and towards my window. It was finally here.

    I started to panic. I couldn't say a word. I tried moving my hands and legs, but I could not. I wanted to scream, but it seemed as if my mouth was zipped up.

    The creature started to approach me. I could not move a muscle. All I could do was lay there, silent as a mouse. I could only freak out in my mind.

    Eventually, I could move. I started to scream. I ran out of bed and into the kitchen. I sat behind the counter, knife in hand. I started sweating again.

    Then, I heard the footsteps. Footsteps. The footsteps of that horrible monstrosity. They could not control it. can't control it.

    I felt a cold hand on my shoulder. I swung my knife around and I heard a thud. I looked down and the hand of the creature was on the ground. It let out a shrill.

    I dropped the knife and ran back to my room. I got in bed. As soon as I got in, I could not move again. The creature stepped in, this time more powerful than ever.

    I closed my eyes. I opened them quickly. The creature was closer. I did it again, and this time, it was at the food of my bed. Hungry, wanting something. As did I.

    I decided to close my eyes again. This time, permanently. I could not feel anything. I only felt, as though I was falling.

    And as I grip the knife tighter, the urge overwhelms me.

    I slowly approach their room..

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