• note: I got this idea while DAYDREAMING

    3, It was quick, 2, what had happened?!, and 1- we're about to be stuck at it for eternity, though it is such the exaduration. But, no less, me, and my friends were stranded in such a game that had no rules, whatsoever. It only followed one instinct as if it were some kind of a predator. We played it with a device looking as a cross between a smart phone, and a rubik's cube, having obscure features, such as the colors in the grid not matching, and the device being so curious, unlike the phone which gives answers. 


    A group of friends embark on a game they got transported upon mid class. A product of subconsious, who knows? But little do they also know that the game will murder them no matter what move they take. 

    Each friend suffers a different fate; having their own pages for how they visually eeriely die, a death that pains them even in afterlife. The one who created the game shall have his own page, as well, but in a different manner.

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    • A few things to consider A) this is not a finished draft. There isn’t even really a full concept to begin with. B) even if you’re writing a first draft (which you should do and then update this one asap), you should make sure all your grammar has been checked to be base level readable.

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