• So one week ago i made a grave mistake...I was strolling around on ebay,then i found the steven universunivese movie on dvd, though they havent relessed on dvd i was from someone at the Cartoon Network studio ,cool a early release so I impolsivly bought it,two days later I got the a metal box with a lock on it,werird so I wanted it so bad I did almost every thing ,sledgehammer,blowtorch,stomping on it,until I I did sledgehammer and blowtorch.after I opened it I found a cd box with the words written “THE ENDING” on it in red my first thoughts were maybe this was th official ending to Steven universe before they changed it but I got nothing to lose,so I dusted off my DVD player and Willingly put the dvd in,it cut to black then every thing looked fine at first until the first fight,instead of only garnet pearl amtiy and Steven,there were bismuth lapis and peridot the same thing happened everyone got poofed then at the song system/boot-pearl.3 halfway were see would usually stop the song bismuth reformed and was different as soon as bismuth reformed she stomped on amithy and crushed her gem in her hand and ran away,Steven ran after her...she wouldn’t stop,he was devistated,and when spinel reached him he snapped… He went to bismuth’s armory and found her gem cracker he took it outside and as spinel said ”ooh what’s th-“ Steven hit her and shattered her gem then he went on a rampage shattering his own family corrupt non corrupt and once he killed off the last one he went to the top of the tower,looked over what he did looked at his gem and the gem cracker standed at the end of the tower clocked the gem shatter the shattered his own gem and fell off the tower...I took out the dvd and blowtorched it ,who wrote that? (I’m sorry if it’s bad it’s my first creepy pasta and sorry I’m a illiterate lol))

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    • Lost episode stories have been banned from this site for years due to the fact that they are almost always the same thing, and this story is no exception.

      Ignoring the blacklisted subject and use of cliches, this story is lacking in detail and hurriedly summarised. We are told this happens, then that happens, but we aren't given enough detail that paints a picture of what is going on.

      This story has severe spelling issues. It is riddled with capitalization errors, lacking proper punctuation in many places, spaces in the wrong places, there are a lot of run on sentences, and on a final note about the spelling ellipses are supposed to be three periods and a space (and quite frankly are overused in this story). There are spell-checking programs out there that might help with your next story.

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