• Aghh.. I can't believe it, My story got deleted, Well.. At least I still have the original version, So exactly, Why did my story get deleted? It's called the nightmare, Or at least, the now defunct nightmare because the story's gone, I need answers as soon as possible.

    You wake up in your bed, There is nothing but darkness around you, You turn on the light to see your bedroom, Nothing has changed.. Yet, You decide to get up from bed and walk around, but when walking around, you hear a voice, it's calming.. You go towards the source, which is the closet, and you enter it, The doors close, you go to open them and they open just fine, but when you open them, you notice a strange fog coming from the bottom of your door, it seems like somebody is trying to poison you, you close the closet doors but it does nothing to help you, you wake up again, sweating.. something seems off though, your teddy bear is in the closet now, the door is already open this time, and your teddy bear disappears, you go into the closet to see a mouse hole that wasn't there before, the doors close again and the fog comes out of the mouse hole, you wake up once again, to see you are no longer in your bedroom, but a padded room with a computer screen, the screen flashes with random numbers, you only manage to get a few, "12, 45, 7" is what you see, then you realize, it's a countdown, when it reaches zero, you wake up once again, to see you are in your bedroom, but it's now morning.

    The end.. ?

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    • Added the story for reference, I don't have time for a full review, but: it's one large paragraph, has numerous run-on sentences, capitalization errors, improper punctuation, and the plot itself needs quite a lot of fleshing out, description, and work.

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    • Thanks for the criticism, I needed it, And thanks for the remastered version back! I missed it a bit, Do you want to see the original version? I'm fine with you seeing it.

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